2017 Attendees

Elsie Lau

Art Director
Grey Group
Hong Kong
, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China


First of all , thank you London International Awards and Grey Hong Kong for this rare opportunity to represent Hong Kong in this year's program. I am forever grateful for all our learnings and networking that has reshaped my creative path.

I remember Rob Belgiovance telling us what a "fuck me moment" is in advertising. The best part of the program, is when I found my "fuck me moment" - looking at the crowd of talented creatives, listening to the precious sharing of top leaders in the industry..."Fuck Me!" With how big the world is, I wish I could become one of them someday, at least I have a map to pave the way.

Here are two important things that changed my life. Being relevant, a timeless goal to the whole industry, we have to always stick to human behavior, create things that they want, and things that are relevant to our lives. I see how all the mentors are similar at this point. Be different, do something out of the planet you are familiar with, and to be trail-blazing. I was particularly inspired by the speech of Pum Lefebure, not only because she is able to turn ADS into ART, but she is also a perfect role model for how women can be successful in the industry. 

Thank you once again for this great opportunity, this is how I won big in Las Vegas :D