2017 Attendees

Connor Leach

Account Supervisor
The Township Group
, Canada


Overall, I loved the structure of the entire event. Everything had an excellent flow and was deeply informative. Each speaker brought his or her own creative flair and insights to their presentations, meaning there was always something to learn. I have not attended an event quite like this before, but I have heard from reputable sources that this stands head and shoulders above the rest.

This is an amazing event for all young up-and-comers in the industry and I think the insights shared stretch beyond creative and into all facets of the advertising/marketing world. As many of the speakers said, we are all one team and need to break down the silos of our roles, and this is a fantastic way to do exactly that.

All in all, I had an absolutely fantastic time. I learned a great deal, and made a number of connections from around the world. I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in such an amazing event. Thank you for including me.