2017 Attendees

Alejandro Juli Matyszczyk

Associate Creative Director
, United States of America


Being part of the Creative LIAisons was truly a remarkable experience for me. Besides hanging out with some of the brightest young minds in the industry, I got to see some extraordinary conferences by some of the creatives I admire the most. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we came back and I still haven’t processed everything we heard at these talks. Spending time with these amazing people talking about advertising, our cultures, and just joking around, was really refreshing and inspiring. It’s a very humbling experience to discover that even the greatest minds of our industry are just regular people.

Watching the statue discussions for the Integrated Jury was the cherry on the cake. It was super interesting to see how the discussions took place, what kind of arguments the juries used to defend or kill a piece, and it was great that they let us share our own points of view of the work.

I came back to Chicago feeling super tired and inspired, which is probably the best way you can feel working in advertising.

Thanks again for this incredible experience, hope to see you all again soon.