2017 Attendees

Diana Schmidt

Junior Art Director
JNB McCann Health
, Germany


Creative LIAisons was really an interesting and eye-opening event! The concept to give know-how and inside views back to the industry is the best you could possibly imagine. I learned a lot from the experiences the speakers talked to us about.

A few statements, which really got in my mind:

- Good ideas are life changing

- The best input comes from the insights and the insiders. Go out and talk to real people!

- Good work is not great work

- Selling is dead, ideas matter, clients want to be embraced in their world

- People make brands famous, not clients or agencies

- Breakthrough ideas are scary and make people uncomfortable: fight for them

- Be loyal to your work. The work is who you are and it could live after you.

- Choose bad opportunities and do the tough stuff great

- Make sure to make creativity with purpose

- Get comfortable being uncomfortable

- You have to talk to the human heart not only to the head

- No one feels effected if you get taught to change something. You can only change it when you touch people’s soul.

These inputs helped me to find my motivation again. It strengthened my way of thinking, because everyone who works in this industry knows that there are ups and downs. These statements help me get through the downs and shows that it is worth it to fight for your ideas!

It was really great to sit in on the Health & Wellness Statue Discussions at this event. I always have the feeling that it is harder to make ads in this area than in other consumer areas. However, it matters more, because it is the most honest way to make advertising. Healthcare is a big part and a big opportunity to make great work. Our work matters to people with bad diseases. That is why you should be braver and have fun in creating life changing ideas. We do not sell sugar water.

It was very interesting to listen to the jury members and their arguments. Also, the work examples for Gold, Silver and Bronze were amazing. There was a lot of great stuff, which generated goose pimples on my skin. I never thought that the process to get onto the best list would be so hard and that there are so many little things that matter to achieve Gold or Silver. Every emotion and detail counts!

Also, it was interesting to meet young creatives from all over the world. The chance to network so easily and talk about examples we just saw, was really exciting. I am really thankful for having this opportunity and I am glad to recommend it for the next generation!