2018 Attendees

Mayu Kawase

, Japan


Attending Creative LIAisons was beneficial to my career.


The seminars given by the world’s top creators taught me so much. Their words will support me when work gets tough, and will assist me when I feel lost.


In addition, meeting young talents from all over the world was a great experience. I enjoyed exchanging opinions about the work and it was encouraging to see young creatives facing the same struggles as I was.


My days in Las Vegas will be unforgettable, thank you so much for the opportunity!


Three things I have learned from Creative LIAisons:


Be generous. Susan Credle, Global CCO of FCB, lectured us on the importance of 'generosity'. She taught me that being generous to oneself is as important as being generous to others.


Be optimistic. Through a workshop, young talents from all over the world made me realize how to enjoy the art of creating, and I should bring that same sense of fun in to my daily work.


Be charming. By sitting in on the jury statue discussions, I found that the 'charming' ideas tend to get more votes. I find it’s the same with people: charming people tend to make more relatable work.