2018 Attendees

Ashley Reeve

Art Director / Designer
Innocean Worldwide Australia
, Australia


Here are my top three things I learned from Creative LIAisons:


Create empathy. Make it important to people. People will forget what you say but never how you made them feel. Achieve breakthrough over all other messages people are bombarded with. Make it game changing.


Turn expectations on their head. Be a leader not a follower. Reject how things have been done before. Don’t be socially acceptable. Bring to light things that are either unknown or taboo. Speak to an issue and intercept culture. Make it culturally relevant. Recognise moments and say the right thing in the right way at the right moment.


Create behavioural change. Experiences forge stronger impressions. Take a monotonous moment and make it interesting. Keep it simple and make it memorable. Spark conversation to expand reach. Make it actionable tomorrow.


Additional Comments:


I loved the range of speakers who generously shared very different lessons they’ve learned in their careers. To name a few of my favourites, Pum Lefebure spoke on understanding your audience and getting them to fall in love with your brand. Matt Eastwood encourages us to help people and change lives for the better. Matt MacDonald said “Move me” and urged us to use the power of emotions. Susan Credle inspired us to realise leadership doesn’t begin when you’re a manager. And Andrew Carlson educated us on the change in the industry and how experiences matter.


My favourite part of the four day schedule was sitting in on the Jury Statue Discussions for the Integration category. I have to say this was probably the greatest lesson I have been privileged to have in my entire career. Being able to be a fly on the wall while I see the years greatest work reviewed by some of the greatest global minds in the industry really helped me realise what elevated ideas from Finalists to Grand Prix.


It was also great to meet other industry professionals from all over the world as well as several from Sydney that I had not met before.