2018 Attendees

Sébastien Rouvière

, Italy


Being part of the Creative LIAisons program has been a truly enriching experience. From the auditorium to the jury room, bars and restaurants we got to hear passionate testimonies and participate in interesting conversations.


I was particularly inspired by:

  • Ricardo Wolff telling us about his journey from Creative LIAisons to Executive Creative Director at Innocean Berlin.
  • Matt MacDonald making an excellent presentation about how to make an excellent presentation.
  • Malcolm Poynton taking a stand on the importance of the relationship with your client.
  • Susan Credle illustrating the importance of generosity and how to be(come) a good creative director.
  • Sompat Trisadikun’s rationalization of the crazy pieces of work coming from his agency and country.
  • Lara Logan making us see beyond our small ad world with her unbelievable stories and experiences as a world-class journalist.


Witnessing jurors from some of the best agencies in the world debate about what makes an ad “non-traditional” nowadays was a career-changing experience.


Meeting peers from all across the globe and talking about work, respective agencies and beliefs was also a great take-away from this one-week festival.


I hope more young creatives get the same opportunity as me and that this amazing program from LIA lives on and grows over the years.