2018 Attendees

Sean Tsai

Senior Art Director
Dentsu Taiwan
, Taiwan


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Except the jury’s class~

The Creative LIAisons was the best thing that happened to me in 2018.

If I had to write down 3 things to summarize my experience at Creative LIAisons, they would be open-minded thinking, helpful speakers and mysterious Statue Discussions. 

Open-minded thinking - English isn’t my native language, but I found out ‘’creative’’ is the one thing we all are in common. And it’s the key to communicating between creatives from all over the world and between the creative leaders. For all the young creatives around the world, it’s a great opportunity to learn and face-to-face interact with all the top figures in the creative industry.


Helpful speakers - It was fascinating to delve inside the minds of speakers such as Pum Lefebure, understanding her faith in creating artwork. After all the valuable sharings from her, I truly appreciate all the great art that comes from working in her industry and those artists always trying hard to exceed their limits and strive for their very best. Now, I will always remind myself as an artist that no matter how hard the brief is, there is still a way to create more and beautiful works.

Mysterious Statue Discussions - It was cool to see how judging works and how varied jurors’ opinions really are.
Sitting in on the judging for statue discussions was awesome from start to finish and it was so great to be able to ask personal questions. I could feel not only how professional the Jurors were, but their judging tips and passion conveyed to us. I was so lucky to be one of the members in this mysterious little box, haha!


Overall, I found Creative LIAisons to be a fantastic experience and one I was lucky enough to take part in. This amazing experience will definitely stay with me throughout my advertising life. Thank you, LIA!