2018 Attendees

Brett Simone

Senior Copywriter
New Yok
, United States of America


I don’t think there’s a better environment to connect with other young creatives from around the world than this program. In a couple of days we were able to get to know creatives from Australia, Europe and all over South America. It’s something I’d never get to do in New York and I made some hopefully lifelong friends.


Likewise, I think my partner and I got the most out of Susan Credle’s seminar on managing with generosity. It’s something that’s incredibly rare in this industry, and frankly, much needed. Talent is fleeing advertising for a reason and she nailed a big part of why. We also really enjoyed Matt Macdonald’s talk about how to present work. I’ve had my share of difficult clients in my career, and seeing how much effort he puts into presenting work showed me that he’s been able to break through.


Best of luck to next year’s participants.