2018 Attendees

Edward Coghlan

Art Director
, Australia


Firstly, big shout outs to Barbara and Laurissa for putting on such an amazing experience for all of us young creatives. 


I won’t lie, Vegas is a seriously weird place if you’ve never been. But for all its eccentricity, it’s a bloody wonderful city, and was so well suited to the diverse scope of creatives that attended the Creative LIAisons Event. We had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the creative world from the eyes of true greats, and were inspired by their experiences and wisdom. We got to watch an award show get judged by sitting in on Statue Discussions and we got a grip on how ruthless it is. Scary stuff.


The one thing I especially loved; the fact that the event brought creative, like-minded people from all over the globe together. All in all, Creative LIAisons was a worldly, educational experience where we got to hear from some of the best in the business on a global scale, make some new friends and have a beer or ten along the way.