2018 Attendees

Nichi Gatdula

Art Director
Publicis Jimenezbasic
Makati City
, Philippines



During day 3 of the Creative LIAisons program we were given an exclusive opportunity to sit in on statue discussions. I was in the Non-Traditional Jury room.

After a whole day of listening to debating, back and forth discussions, and an unexpected turn of events, it’s safe to say that the non-traditional medium is very divisive. The vagueness of the category itself can be polarizing to judge. To be honest, I’m still confused between the Experiential, Beyond Advertising and Live Events categories. Each finalist was given ample time to be deliberated on, with some work moved to other categories right there and then. At one point, the jury even asked for our take on one entry since we were the target of the campaign. It was all a surreal experience. I would go as far to say it was very exciting, as if I was in a reality show.