2019 Attendees

Alyssa Graff

Art Director
, Canada


1.    Prior to being chosen to participate in this program, what did you know or hear about the LIA Creative LIAisons program?
I heard about the LIAisons program through an Art Director friend of mine who was lucky enough to attend last year.
2.    What do you expect to get out of Creative LIAisons? What do you want to get out of Creative LIAisons?
I expect to brush shoulders with some of the best creative minds in the world. Even if I don’t get the opportunity to talk to them one on one, it will be an honor to hear them speak and learn from their experiences. I am hoping to get a more accurate view of where the industry is going as a whole, as it is easy to have blinders on within your own creative market.
3.     If you were to choose what the speakers present, what topics would you choose?
I would love to learn more about the future of the industry and how innovation in technology will bring new opportunities and challenges. I’d love to know what keeps these creative leaders up at night, what inspires them, and what they do to spark creativity. Hearing about the passion projects they work on will be almost as inspiring as their creative day jobs. It would also be interesting to hear from female creative leaders on their experience with balancing work and family life. Lastly, I would love to know if the importance of awards within our industry is changing for better or worse