2019 Attendees

Shingo Isobe

Chief Designer
, Japan


1.    Prior to being chosen to participate in this program, what did you know or hear about the LIA Creative LIAisons program?

I knew that LIA was a competition that, while being globally well-known, involves people who are active in numerous, different unique creative fields.


2.    How did you feel when you were chosen to participate in Creative LIAisons, an exclusive program of 100 attendees aged 21 – 30 from around the world?  

I felt happy and also a bit nervous at the same time, because I feel a high sense of responsibility towards my participation in this program.


3.    When sitting in on statue discussion judging what do you hope to learn?  

I hope to learn about how other creators and designers, with different cultural and education backgrounds, transmit emotions through their creations and also learn about the judges’ point of view and opinion about the execution.   As, I have only worked in Japan, I would like to get some hints about how people with a different upbringing conceive creativity and how they actually express it.


4.    What do you expect to get out of Creative LIAisons? What do you want to get out of Creative LIAisons?

I expect to encounter numerous creators and be inspired by their artistry and their points of view.


5.     If you were to choose what the speakers present, what topics would you choose?

I would like to hear about the changes that are expected to affect the creative arts industry in the future and how creators and designers can adapt to those new trends.