2019 Attendees

Holly Sutton-Williams

Junior Copywriter
Colenso BBDO
, New Zealand


1.    Prior to being chosen to participate in this program, what did you know or hear about the LIA Creative LIAisons program?
I had heard about the LIA’s through work. It has always been talked about as a prestigious awards show. Plus, the trophies in our trophy cabinet look pretty damn cool.   However, I had not heard of the Creative LIAsons until our communications director told us about it, and how beneficial it would be for us to go.
2.    What do you expect to get out of Creative LIAisons? What do you want to get out of Creative LIAisons?
I expect to see amazing work, meet amazing people and pick the brightest brains in the world! I’m hoping to leave LIAisons with a broader mindset. Living in New Zealand, I find that our ads are often tailored to appeal to unique culture - featuring dry kiwi humor or self-deprecation. I’m looking forward to seeing the strategy and insights that other creatives use to engage with the culture of their own countries.   Personally, I’m also really looking forward to observing the judging process and seeing first-hand what sets an idea apart from the rest.
3.    Who from the LIA Juries would you most like to meet/speak with? (https://www.liaawards.com/juries/jury/)
I’d love to meet Leslie Sims. She’s not only produced amazing work for some of the biggest brands in the world, but she’s also a shining beacon of hope in the sea of male ECDs.