2019 Attendees

Harry Skelton

Junior Copywriter
Colenso BBDO
, New Zealand


1.    Prior to being chosen to participate in this program, what did you know or hear about the LIA Creative LIAisons program?
I had heard that the LIAisons was a great place to meet and learn from amazing people in the industry; an opportunity that not many in this line of work (or any other line of work for that matter) get to experience.
2.    How did you feel when you were chosen to participate in Creative LIAisons, an exclusive program of 100 attendees aged 21 – 30 from around the world?
It’s a very rewarding feeling to know that Colenso BBDO respects me and my work enough to send me as a representative to such an event.
3.    If you were to choose what the speakers present, what topics would you choose?
- A conversation around awards, what they really are, what they really mean and what their future in this industry is realistically going to look like.