2021 Creative LIAisons Mentees

Nathalie Tigua

Junior Copywriter
New York
, United States of America


Coaches: Ted Lim, Founder / Creative Consultant, DIFF Creative Consultants, Selangor; Mike Felix, Creative Director, DDB New Zealand, Auckland and Oren Meir, CEO / CCO 
Addict Israel, Haifa
The insight is always right beyond the brief.
The moment I found out I was selected as a mentee for the 2021 LIAisons mentorship program I was elated. I went in with no expectations and have been blown away by what I’ve learned so far. I have spoken to two successful industry leaders who so kindly have given me invaluable wisdom that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.
Ted Lim and Mike Felix were wonderful and I’d love to thank them for the conversation and insights they gave me. Learning about their experiences and how they’ve maneuvered within the industry was so inspiring.
Ted encouraged me to create my own opportunities. If I sit back and wait for someone to hand me an opportunity - that will never happen. If I stay hungry and create opportunities for myself; I will not only grow as a creative but as a person. When presenting any idea, he taught me that one should ask themselves these key questions: Is your idea different? Will it make a difference? Will it move people? Lastly, will it move business?
Mike was an absolute delight to talk with; he listened to me and really gave me advice more than how to be creative. One must take care of their mind, it’s like working out, it’s the one muscle we use all the time and one must take time away, unplug and really focus on oneself. If you’re burnt out, you will not be able to do your role to the best of your abilities. He mentioned that people want to be a creative (noun) and not necessarily creative (verb). As a good creative you must be the verb and not the noun. Lastly, insight is always right beyond the brief.
This experience has been amazing and a breath of fresh air, it gives me hope for the future. I’m so grateful to have connected with people that without the help of this program I wouldn’t have otherwise connected with. I hope to take their advice and put it into practice day-by-day and one day impart it with the next generation of creatives that come after me.
I look forward to my session with Oren Meir.