2021 Creative LIAisons Mentees

Jackson Tate

Junior Art Director
, Australia


The LIA mentorship was an amazing opportunity and surpassed all expectations. We were over the moon that we were selected and amazed that we were given the opportunity to speak to 3 very successful industry leaders. The kind of people that you think are totally out of reach especially for a junior team that has no direct connection to them. 
Bianca Guimaraes, Javier Campopiano and Ben Lilley were all amazing and we’d love to thank them all for their time, each conversation gave us great insight into the industry and each of their individual journeys that got them to where they are today. Learning about their own mentors and great advice that has stuck with them throughout their careers. 
Bianca told us, the best help and mentoring she received wasn’t necessarily from the best creatives, some people were just more invested in helping her grow, so be open to learning from all kinds of people. Javier said you need a disciplined eye and a wild mind. Observe and understand everyday people and great ideas always come from a human truth. Your book is your life raft so if it’s good it will keep you afloat. With Ben we spoke about building out the best book you can and to always keep making spec work with proactive ideas. Spend time studying award winning ideas and how they are explained in case studies, as well as, looking at how effective the ideas were.
Across the board the notes are to always keep pushing the craft and study everything. Everything is a reference so remember to take note of things that you think are interesting. 
 We consider ourselves very lucky to have these new connections created by LIA.