2022 Creative LIAisons Mentees

Guy Trengrove

Intermediate Copywriter
DDB Group Aotearoa
, New Zealand


Coaches: Rachel Denti, Graphic Designer, Nike Portland; Ted Lim, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, DIFF CREATIVE CONSULTANTS, Kuala Lumpur and Joel Simon, CEO / Chief Creative Officer, JSM Music, New York
LIA did a drawing from the 2022 and 2021 Creative LIAisons mentees to award a scholarship to John Hegarty’s ‘The Business of Creativity’ course. Guy Trengrove, Intermediate Copywriter at DDB Group Aotearoa, Auckland is one of the winners of this prize, a placement in the course, sponsored by LIA! 
Guy comments, “Thank you so much for selecting me, even if it was names/ bingo balls in a hat!
I can’t wait for this to begin now, as the 2 Creative LIAisons chats I’ve already had with my coaches have been crazy rewarding. I literally have 3 pages of notes, proverbs, and random stories from them. I can’t wait to soak in some more learning, especially from Sir John Hegarty! Wow wow wow.
Even though I’m only 4 years into the ad game, John already has this mythical rep of being the boogieman of better creativity; so many of my mentors quote him when explaining ideas and making amazing work. I never thought I’d get the chance to chat to him, let along learn under him.
I’m super stoked for this, and can’t thank you enough for sending this opportunity my way. It means the world, and I’ll be taking full advantage of it.
Please let me know the registration steps when they’re ready, my whole agency is going to be painfully jealous (soz fam!).
Thanks again, you’ve made my day week month year!”