2022 Creative LIAisons Mentees

Junior Hernández Villalobos

Junior Copywriter
Mexico City
, Mexico


Coaches: Pedro Americo, Creative Director, R/GA Berlin, Zofia Bugajna-Kasdepke, Founding Partner, VP, SEC Newgate CEE, Warsaw and Felix del Valle, Chief Creative Officer, MRM Worldwide Spain, Madrid
The experience was a lot of fun: Learning, reaffirming some of my beliefs, and replanting some others. My first call was with Pedro Americo, where the principal reaffirmation was one that I was hoping to hear from someone with a vast career: “Playing all those videogames is finally paying off.” We also talked about how to prepare the terrain with clients when pitching ideas.
In the second session, I had the honor to talk to Zofia Bugajna-Kasdepke, an incredible and touching chat. She directed me to the appreciation of arts to influence my daily work. We also talked about the differences between talent vs. discipline and when I asked her “how do I know if I am talented” she told me that I already am, because I am where I am. It sounded more epic when she said it, but it was pretty epic, I swear.
The last session was a little complicated to program, because of both of our schedules. But it was a real eye-opening experience. Felix del Valle is very passionate about creativity, and it’s easy to let your own passion out when talking to him. Or maybe it was that finally, I was having a session in Spanish, my native language. However, it was nice and full of learning.
All of them let me know that I can reach them anytime I want to have another talk. And of course, I will reach out to them again sooner or later.
Thanks, LIA for the chance to meet with such incredible personalities!