2022 Creative LIAisons Mentees

Xi Lynn Tan

Senior Copywriter
Leo Burnett
Kuala Lumpur
, Malaysia


Coaches: Pancho Gonzalez, Chief Creative Officer, Inbrax, Santiago and Godwin D’mello, Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra West Mumbai?Comment: 
Currently, I’m at a point in my career where I’m trying to push beyond my limits. When I found out that my coaches were from different countries, I was extremely excited! I really wanted to know what it felt like to speak to them.
I had my first session with Pancho Gonzalez, CCO of Inbrax from Chile. From the very beginning, he asked me what I really wanted to achieve in my career. Without any hesitation, I replied, "To win more awards". How did you do it? He replied, "Treat your daily work as something you would want to submit for an award. If you strongly believe in your work, keep fighting for it!”
After a 2-week gap from my first session with Pancho Gonzalez, I had my second session with Godwin D’Mello, Executive Creative Director of DDB Mumbai. It was a Friday night, and I remembered I was at home and it was raining heavily. It was definitely a conversation, not just him sharing his experiences, but wanting me to share mine as well. Godwin D’Mello really taught me to never be demotivated whenever clients want something big (award-winning work) with a small budget. Because the simpler, the better. Furthermore, to come up with amazing ideas, it’s never a one-man show. Coming up with good work consists of a team that works together to push one another and never stops at "it’s good." It has to be WOW. There’s no other way we can do this.
Thank you LIA, for this once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable opportunity!