2013 Speakers

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Sheridan Thomas

Head of Production
Great Guns

A lifelong videogame junkie, walking movie encyclopedia and Korean cinema enthusiast, Sheridan has worked in various fields of production since he was in his teens.

After several years working in music videos, Sheridan moved into the world of commercials in 1995 when he joined Great Guns. For the last 17 years, as Head of Production for the London office, he has produced commercials for several of the world's biggest brands, many of which have gone on to win major national and international awards.

He also produced the multi-platform videogame, Headhunter: Redemption for SEGA and previously produced all the live-action footage for its predecessor, Headhunter. His experience in and fascination with the world of videogame development has since led Sheridan to co-found GGi, the new interactive and digital content arm of Great Guns.

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