2014 Speakers

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Mel Clements

VP - Branded Entertainment
Fox Digital Studio

Mel Clements is Vice President, Branded Entertainment for Fox Digital Studio. He works with major advertisers to create new IP by providing access to a new generation of creative filmmakers, TV/Film writers, and promising acting talent. Mel got his start at a small B2B ad agency optimizing search terms and has built his career developing breakthrough marketing campaigns for blue-chip consumer brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft.

Mel previously worked as a Creative Experiences Director for Microsoft’s Yarn, developing custom advertising and branded entertainment opportunities across Windows 8 and Xbox like Intel’s Discovered starring Chris Evans and The LeBrons Season 2. He orchestrated one of the most successful cross-platform product launches in Nike Basketball history for the Nike Hyperdunk. At Coca-Cola, Mel was the first to embrace social media marketing with Facebook, while working to build successful digital partnerships with numerous ad agencies, sports leagues, and media properties.

Mel holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Emory University.


1) Any thoughts on how the ‘conversations’ benefit young creatives. There are some great speakers here:
The single most valuable tool in a young creative arsenal is mentorship. They must learn through experience, trial and error. Having creatives who have gone through similar trials, and who are willing to impart that knowledge, only strengthens future creatives. During my round of judging the branded entertainment category, a handful of qualified execs could barely come to terms with the definition of the category. But, we knew what we didn’t like – overt branding, lack of story arc, and content devoid of entertainment value. If young creatives were a part of that jury process, it would surely inform their work over the next 10 years, hopefully provoking them to create better stories and more inspired work; to simply demand better of their agencies and brand partners. Even more so, arming them with the tools to reject the tyranny of mediocre work.

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