2022 Onsite Creative LIAisons Panels & Speakers

David Guerrero

Creative Chairman
BBDO Guerrero
Makati City

Topic: David Guerrero presents: “You have to go through a lot of crap to get to good ideas.”
A science fiction writer called Theodore Sturgeon was interviewed by a journalist who said: "isn't 90% of sci-fi crap?" to which Sturgeon replied "well, 90% of everything is crap." This became known as Sturgeon's Law. And it left me thinking that if you look on the bright side, then at least 10% of the ideas you come up with are not-crap. So why don't we, as creative professionals, find ways to increase that percentage. This was the basis of an agency presentation, and until one day a publisher said she would take a punt on it. And so, here it is: The "you have to go through a lot of crap to get to good ideas" book. This session will consist of insights from the research and highlights from the 80-page pocketbook which is getting its exclusive US preview at the LIAson sessions on October 2.
Some reviews so far:
"Unputdownable." Joji Jacob, BLKJ Havas, Singapore.
"Didn't want to stop and miss out on what's in the next chapter." Uma Rudd Chia, KVUR, Singapore.
"Very insightful and nicely written." Algy Sharman, Joint London.
"I love the art direction, really excellent." Dave Trott, Creative Director, Copywriter and Author.
"It's a good and valuable read." Andrew Robertson, BBDO Worldwide.
"Clean, clever, beautifully illustrated and endlessly useful." Peter Souter, TBWA London.


About David: