2022 Virtual Creative LIAisons Speakers

Marty Martinez

Chief Creative Officer
Tank Worldwide

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Topic: Creative: A Unifying Global Voice

Social justice, politics, access to universal health, cultures, are some of the subjects that can unite or divide us. As creatives, we have the privilege to own a craft that can contribute to a social shift. By finding a global truth, we can challenge our creative perception to generate work that will tap into social behaviours. Our creative voice is amplified when the relevancy of our message is well timed to impact existing conversations. This session will expand on the responsibility that we have as creatives to contribute to a social shift. 


About Marty:

Marty Martinez, Chief Creative Officer of Tank Worldwide, is responsible for ensuring the highest level of creative excellence across multiple offices. He is based at the Tank Worldwide headquarters in Montreal.

Under his creative leadership, the Tank Worldwide Creative team has seen significant growth. His leadership style is one that emphasizes the importance of collaboration and innovation to get to the big ideas.

Marty’s career began over 20 years ago. During this time, his work and creativity has been acknowledged with many of the industry’s top awards.

Over the years, Marty has steered countless campaigns for both pharmaceutical and consumer brands. He has also held leadership positions at some of the best agencies in the country: Publicis, Sudler & Hennessy and Ogilvy CommonHealth.
Marty has sat on multiple juries including the LIA inaugural Pharma jury, The Global Awards, The Marketing Awards, the MM&M Awards, The Rx Awards and The One Show. His passion for advertising, team building capacity and creative vision is what drives him and makes him a leader in his field.