2023 Virtual Creative LIAisons Speakers

Josy Paul

Chairman / CCO
BBDO India

Date of Session: September
Topic: How to Change Culture and Build Highly Effective and Famous Brands

Join us for a thought-provoking session as we explore the power of creativity in driving meaningful action. Our speaker, Josy Paul, Chairman and CCO of BBDO India, will delve into the key question: Where does creativity come from? The answer lies in our understanding of empathy and emotional data - the data of the soul and the heart, rooted in human confessions rather than just analytics. Through his sharing, Josy will demonstrate how unlocking these insights can transform both brands and society. Finding these insights requires an uncomfortable understanding of people and society, and it is a process that cannot be found in textbooks. But when handled sensitively, it can lead to powerful change. 

Josy remains a challenger who believes the world needs more ACTS, NOT ADS.

About Josy: 
Josy started BBDO India from the backseat of his car in 2008. 

In 2016, he was named ‘Creative Agency Head of The Year’ by the Indian Advertising Association (IAA). He was inducted into Advertising Club Calcutta's Hall of Fame in 2020.   
He is ranked among the most influential people in Indian advertising - according to The Economic Times. 
Josy and his team won the inaugural Glass Lion Grand Prix at Cannes in 2015 for Whisper ‘Touch The Pickle’.  He also won the Cannes Lion Gold in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for Ariel 
‘Share The Load’ - ranked as the world’s most effective campaign twice in a row.
Josy was also awarded the inaugural creative effectiveness Gold Lion at Cannes in 2011 for his campaign ‘Women Against Lazy Stubble’ for Gillette.
Josy and his partner Ajai Jhala pioneered the idea of brand movements in 2008 with their philosophy ‘Create acts, not ads’. 
In 2000, Josy set up a challenger agency for Ogilvy and called it ‘David’. It was the first David office in the Network. To this day Josy has remained a challenger whose work has changed culture and built highly effective world-famous brands.
Josy Paul was born during an earthquake and has a permanent tremor.