2024 Shipping Physical Material

Physical Material is only accepted in the categories of Design and Package Design.  Below are the instructions for sending physical material.

Please send via door-to-door courier to the address below:
London International Awards
2 Bay Club Drive / Suite 3J
Bayside, NY 11360
Attn: LIA Entry Processing
Telephone: +1 516 931 1050
  1. When sending physical material, you must enclose a copy of the Entry Form(s) with your entries.
  2. Do not attach or wrap forms around the entry material.  Forms should be sent in a flat envelope.
  3. When sending physical material, from outside the United States attach a Customs Declaration to the outside of the package.
  4. Customs Declaration MUST state that the goods shipped have 'NO COMMERCIAL VALUE', are 'CONTEST MATERIAL' and are 'NOT FOR RESALE'. The declared value for the entire shipment should not exceed $5.00 U.S.
  5. US Customs does not allow the import of Alcohol.  When sending full bottles, be sure to declare them as 'Not For Human Consumption'.  If it does not change the look of the packaging, you can send empty bottles, or bottles with colored water.