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David Guerrero - Jury President
Print | Poster | Billboard | Ambient

Creative Chairman
BBDO Guerrero
Makati City

We had a very high caliber jury. Highly knowledgable. Passionate. And not shy of sharing their opinions! So we took our task seriously. But not ourselves.

The selection of work is of course based on our honest appraisal of what was in front of us in the show. And some interesting conclusions emerged. First of all, for a single still image to succeed in an age of multiple screens it needs to to be simple, memorable and iconic. This is the case in the Poster Grand LIA for Der Tagesspiegel whose unforgettable "Newspaper Stack - Trump” summed up the issue in one glance.

For the Billboard Grand LIA we chose a piece that involved the destruction of Billboards. In the Coca-Cola "Billboard Houses” case, this apparent paradox was possible because the client decided to suspend advertising in the aftermath of a natural disaster - nothing new in itself. However the decision to re-use the billboards themselves to create shelter houses made it unique and ideally suited for the top prize.

And finally the Ambient Grand LIA - a choice that could almost have been made ahead of the jury getting together - quite simply stood tall amidst the noise and clutter. As has been noted before, sometimes all it takes to cut through in our multi-channel, digitally-obsessed universe is a four-foot high bronze statue - using techniques as old as our industry, perhaps older, and yet make the most contemporary impact.

Overall a pleasure to judge with this outstanding group and the experience and support from the LIA team was exemplary. Thank you.