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Jeremy Perrott - Jury President
Health & Wellness

Global Chief Creative Officer
McCann Health
New York

Las Vegas.
No need to remind anyone of the horrid event that went down as the biggest massacre in modern day American history.
By the end of that week it all seemed an age away.  Such are the times we live in while tornadoes,hurricanes, war,politics and madness can all get a slot that lasts a moment in our lives until the next event unfolds.
The LIA were residents for a week at the Encore Hotel and juries from all over the globe gathered to judge the best of creativity in the worlds advertising industry.
First time to this festival were the Health and Pharma industry with categories dedicated to their own specific needs who were represented by three juries including a first,the Craft jury.
As President of this new competition it was my great pleasure to moderate 17 world class professionals who were driven by the desire for excllence, motivated by the goal to find work that set new, higher standards,inspired by the ideal that what won, was the beginning of building a better more innovative industry for tomorrow knowing that what was chosen today will push us all to even greater achievements. Both as agencies, as creatives but also as clients.
Two Grand LIAs were awarded, one each to the Pharma and Health categories.
This work survived a rigorous decision and voting process with the two juries working independently of each other  over three days each. At every stage discussion and debate took place until the golds awarded showed who was winner.
At that stage a final vote was taken irrespective of the gold tally on the board to give judges a final and absolute vote as a secret ballot. Ensuring that at even the last moment real heart felt support for work was given a chance. And in both cases the result was clear. But it also showed the strength of what came second and in each case a close second.
Immunity Charm being the clear winner for so many reasons and yet for all its accolades the simplicity and emotional connection of a brilliant innovative idea using a cultural insight connected so many and saved the lives of even more.
It worked brilliantly crossing over from health and its societal impact to Pharma where it embraced doctors, connected patience and medicine with device and innovation.
Such was the unique and brilliant use of something so basic, so low tech yet so powerful it transcended barriers and language, it overcame fear of unknown and brought communities together by its deep seeded tradition and allowed the medical and health worlds to do their jobs.
Save lives.
From the Craft jury, work that resonated  was work that demonstrated investment into the art of crafting creativity. Be it copy, radio, photography, illustration, film, direction, editing, music or design.
As President I urged the members to be hard on the work, be tough on selecting. Above all be diligent in the search.
We need to get back to basics in our industry as a whole but in particular the Health and Pharma industry where is clients need to see what the difference between great and brilliant looks and feels like. And why it's important to go that extra mile to perfect the creative and its production.
The Grand LIA that took this category, swept through the week long judging of all work and in each category it was entered. It stood heads above as an excellent piece that represented consistency of execution, highest standards and outstanding production values that lifted every element in this multi film campaign.
The Craft Grand Prix went to: Sick Kids Foundation for Sick Kids versus Undeniable.
Once the industry sees the full body of work that won I'm sure a sense of real understanding to what innovative creative thinking looks like. And from that work I believe many will be moved and inspired.
And isn't that what we want great work to do?