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Jeremy Perrott - Jury President

Global Chief Creative Officer
McCann Health
New York

Having the privilege to Chair the inaugural LIA Health Awards was indeed a highlight of 2017 for me.

Barbara Levy set out with a vision to promote creativity support and encourage our future stars [Creative LIAisons]. They were witness to everything judges go through, in what was described as true master classes, and in all this great work rose and brilliant work awarded.

Debate, select, review, debate and discuss is what every panel was encouraged to exercise ensuring every piece selected for award worthy consideration had a true and fair chance to perform.

I can say that the time invested on three panels including the new Craft jury really paid off because the work that won earned its place as hard working and worthy examples of its industry's best most innovative and executed material.

I think looking at the body of work all would agree it provokes conversation and will lift the creative bar. Isn't that what great work should do?