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Masaya Shimizu
Health & Wellness

Planning Director

It was truly a great experience to join the Health & Wellness Jury, and also to discuss the future of our industry role in the field, thanks to Ms. Levy, all the staff who made it possible, and of course speakers /young creatives joining the event.

I believe creative industry role in the growing Healthcare/Wellness field is yet to be concretely discovered, though its presence is undoubtfully needed.  Having chance to talk with experts from different parts of the world made me realize
we are just starting to show/prove its value.

Interesting fact was, through variety of work we looked thorough, true creative idea did shine. And some were from non-traditional-advertising context. For business / service / product to succeed today, "the idea needs" is quite clear, so it
eventually will be done by someone. We will have to prove that our industry is worthy for that. And I felt this event, has true value to horn what we are good for, and keep our challenge in the field moving ahead.