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Guido Heffels
TV/Cinema/Online Film

Chief Creative Officer
Heimat Berlin

 Once again, judging LIA was about making a difference to the bulk of the other shows. A little less neurotic, a little less political, a little less VOTE-NOW-hardcore-judging. We saw work rocket from dust to silver and beyond – and plummet vice versa. Discuss, vote, re-discuss, re-vote, re-discuss, re-consider – break – watch again, vote again, discuss again, vote... Unanimous? Alright, let’s discuss!

Surprisingly, from all gold winners not a single piece of TV work was cause related, morally encompassed, or worse. After the ad industry had apparently made the world a better place over and over again – according to millions of case films – it seems like the weird wonderful WTF idea reappeared on the advertising map. Welcome back.