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Soo Hee Yang

VP / Chief Creative Officer
Publicis One Korea

Defining what counts as “Non-Traditional” for a creative idea was the first challenge I encountered in serving as a jury in the Non-traditional category.

Of course, there is no doubt that the idea should always come first, but the creatives belonging to this category employed such different formats, technologies, data and approaches in bringing these ideas to life, and this made it quite difficult to determine which is “better” using just a single set of traditional criteria.


This year, so many creatives presented entirely new solutions by comfortably tearing down borders across data, technology, and innovation. But in the end, the ones that made a meaningful difference for themselves and for the awards were the creatives that were built on a solid human insight, and delivered in the right context to ultimately tear down pre-existing notions and conventions. Also, the valuable and productive discussions, comments, and critique of the jury members added even more quality to the creative standards of the LIA Awards.


Finally, I was happy to see that the Dot Mini case won in a number of categories, proving not only Korea’s strength in creating quality ideas and products through its IT-based solutions, but also the importance of human insight.”