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Merlee Jayme - Jury President
Radio & Audio

Chairmom /
Chief Creative Officer
Dentsu Jayme Syfu


I would describe my LIA experience as a week of joyful listening brought to a whole new level. It was life-changing listening-- from original music composed and produced real time for a thousand names, to an innovation enabling an ALS patient regain his voice, to an album of gender friendly songs, to a hilarious story of a guy who needs to know when to stop talking, a series of motel classics- brilliantly written scripts, crafted beautifully with the perfect casting and direction.

Having a neat mix of experts who ideates, produces and executes in one room, made us go through valuable discussions on these pieces. In the end, we didn’t award a Grand LIA. But, I would definitely say my jury picked out the best radio and audio work that would push the medium further to the future.