2019 Judging comments

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Cesar Agost Carreno

Cesar Agost Carreno - Integration

Mexico City
, Mexico

“It was such an amazing experience to be part of the LIA Jury. I had a wonderful time with my colleagues while we had the chance to debate about what ideas should we recognize as the best ideas in the world. We’ve been seeking for ideas that solve business problems in an original way.   The good thing about LIA is that you always keep learning”

Tobias Ahrens - TV/Cinema/Online Film

Managing Director Creation / Partner
Scholz & Friends
, Germany

“As always, only a few entries really stood out. But what I really liked was the positive spirit in which we looked at the work and how intense we discussed our favorites.”  
Tobias Ahrens
Joe Baratelli

Joe Baratelli - Health & Wellness

EVP, Chief Creative Officer
RPA Advertising
Santa Monica
, United States of America

“The time spent with the jury was most special. A diverse group with brilliant creative minds from around the world; used thoughtful consideration, empathy as well as vast experience to choose the best breakthrough thinking for this year’s LIA.   The setting, the process and the quality people made judging at LIA a pleasure.   The body of work was vast and varied in the health and wellness category. There was a lot of reasoning and discussion throughout each stage of judging. It was a strong showing. The most creative, impactful projects that elicited out of the box thinking captured this LIA jury’s votes.”

Kelly Bayett - Music & Sound

Creative Director / Partner
Barking Owl
Los Angeles
, United States of America

Thank you so much for having me aboard this year. It was really a wonderful experience. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of our jury.   As my first time judging for LIA, I was excited to see that the work we were judging, as well as the judging panel, truly represented the international community. It was really fantastic to discuss the work with fellow jurors and get different points of view on approach and creative.   There was some fresh work in the mix that we hadn't seen in other shows and that sparked some interesting discussion. However, I also felt that our jury spent equal time discussing the work that we had seen and work that had been awarded at other festivals. Everyone was willing to look at all the work with fresh eyes and truly investigate its merits.   Barbara and Patricia really make it feel like a creative community across all judging panels. It's an experience I will treasure!
Kelly Bayett
Pedro Botsaris

Pedro Botsaris - Music & Sound

Creative Director / Partner
, The Netherlands

I was honored by the invitation to be a juror at LIA. I had a great time judging and listening to great work together with an amazing team of jurors. It was reinvigorating and exciting to put work out of my head for a few days and celebrate creativity. Thanks for helping elevate our craft! And Joel Simon, thanks for patiently putting up with us!

Martin Box - TV/Cinema/Online Film

Executive Producer / Head of Production
, Australia

Thank You for inviting me to judge. It was a real privilege, and an honour. My fellow jurors were all amazing too and it was great to see how committed and serious they all were about the work and LIA. LIA did an amazing job of organising it and I only wish I could have stayed longer.
Martin Box
Ingrid Bragemann

Ingrid Bragemann - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

, Chile

I have been on juries before and it was always a very interesting and positive experience, but my overall impression at LIA is that the level of professionalism is the highest I ever saw, not just because of the quality of the jury members but also the excellence of the execution and organization of the festival. I feel honored to have to be part of it.

Nicholas Capanear - Pharmaceuticals

EVP / Executive Creative Director
GSW New York
New York
, United States of America

Being invited to judge LIA this year (my first time) was an honor. I can say the event was extremely well organized and super efficient. There’s a level of check and balances that exist in the process to ensure that only the most deserving work gets through to a shortlist and even fewer to a sexy trophy. The bar is high. And I encourage LIA to keep the bar high. It makes us all push the work further and advances the healthcare industry as a whole. Thanks for inviting me LIA!! .  
Nicholas Capanear
Jon Chapman

Jon Chapman - Pharmaceuticals

Executive Creative Director
Havas Lynx Group
, United Kingdom

Thanks again for inviting me to judge at the LIA’s this year. My first time judging the LIA awards in Vegas was a great experience in every way - the jury, the work, and the level of consideration and time given to each and every finalist. The opinion of every judge counted, and contributed to an in-depth discussion leading to only the best work being recognised. A privilege to spend a fantastic few days being part of a talented jury, awarding the world's best creative work. I'd love to come back and be part of the LIAs again next year to represent Havas in health and pharma.

Scott Cymbala - Music & Sound

Executive Producer / MD
Los Angeles
, United States of America

Per usual, Barbara, Patricia and the whole LIA team put together an outstanding event. I've been a part of several LIA juries over the years and it's always an honor to be chosen. The quality of work this year in every category was exemplary. It was a pleasure serving on this year's music & sound jury.   Special thanks to our jury president and all my co-jurors.  
Scott Cymbala
Kerstin Emhoff

Kerstin Emhoff - Jury President - Branded Entertainment

Co-Founder / President
Culver City
, United States of America

I really enjoyed the experience, leading the branded entertainment jury this year.  We had a truly diverse jury on every level which adds so much to the conversations around the work.  It was also great to have the Creative Liaisons participants share the last day with us.  I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

Tom Eymundson - Radio & Audio and Podcast

Pirate Group
, Canada

Thank you Patricia and Barbara for once again including me in the LIA family. It’s a real honour and I’m proud to be a part of it. What’s most wonderful about the London International Awards is that it’s a show solely dedicated to celebrating the work. The criteria; brave ideation, meticulously crafted and executed without compromise. Great radio, doesn't hide behind anything.  It plays out on the largest screen in the world, your mind. I believe this is why the 2019 LIA Radio/Audio/Podcast jury (arguably some of the best ears in the business) were completely aligned when it came to awarding the best work. Led by our fantastic Jury President, Torsten Hennings, the metal round discussions dug deep and celebrated only the gems. Congratulations to all the winners.  
Tom Eymundson
Bridget Flynn

Bridget Flynn - Music & Sound

Partner / Chief Operating Officer
Grayson Matthews
, Canada

I had such a fantastic time in Las Vegas judging the 2019 LIA Music and Sound awards. What an awesome group. It felt amazing to be surrounded by such a talented (yet very humble!) group of my peers. The conversations (debates!) around the statues were spirited and enlightening. We all felt really great about the final decisions. I enjoyed it so much. You always do a fantastic job curating the juries.   Our jury was a great example of this. The opportunity to sit in a room with such a talented and experienced group of my peers and discuss the world's best work was inspiring. I believe the experience gives us the perspective, humility and inspiration to go back to our studios and teams and push the boundaries of our creativity further. That's what it is all about - doing great work with great people. So thank you for that!   I've had the honour of participating for a few years in a row which has been incredible. Thank you again for the opportunity. And thank you so much for doing what you do, and providing this platform to celebrate our work. Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in this year's LIA Music and Sound jury. Thanks to all of my fellow jury members, and to our president Joel Siman. Big thanks, big love. Play on!

Diego Freitas - Health & Wellness

Co-Managing Director / ECD
FCB Health Brazil
São Paulo
, Brazil

Health and Wellness has it all. It’s the new black. It’s everything advertising needs right now, bringing back many things we’ve lost in our industry: the ability to change behavior for good, to stand for causes with purpose, a chance to engage with people in a way that we actually care. When people ask me why I’m in healthcare, I usually say: If you’re in advertising and you’re great at it you might end up having a great jingle or a well-crafted campaign. But if you’re doing great in healthcare advertising you might be actually saving lives. Health and wellness is put simply the hardest category to judge right now. You have print, craft, radio, TV commercials, guerrilla, mobile and the list goes on. As if it wasn’t enough, you now have amazing work coming from furniture companies, game consoles even traditional beer brands. Healthcare is all over the place.  
Diego Freitas
Fabian Frese

Fabian Frese - The NEW and Social Influencers

Chief Creative Officer
Kolle Rebbe
, Germany

Thank you so much for inviting me to the jury! It almost felt like a family reunion meeting all these great guys again. We all see us from time to time, but these days judging in Las Vegas have been something like a best-of collection of my favourite jurors from my past 15 years. Thanks for that, I really enjoyed it.   The quality of the work was really impressive. If you look at the winners there´s no doubt that LIA is one of the most prestigious awards worldwide. What I really liked was the fact that every entered piece was treated with respect. We took our time to discuss it and there was no politics at all.

Oliver Fuselier - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Independent Consultant / Executive Producer
Los Angeles

Although there was a lot of laughing in the jury room there was a big void of Comedy spots on our list for Production & Post Production and Music Videos this year. The trend seemed to be leaning a bit more towards the realistic human centered stories…Not that that is a bad thing, but being able to laugh would be nice now and then.     This was my 3rd year judging the LIA and I have to say my best yet. Why, because of the caliber of the judges, jurors, the speakers, the organization as a whole. Really impressed with the entries albeit LIA being one of the last shows of the year has a bit of a disadvantage in that other shows have spent there allotted budgets by this time. I would like to help find a way for LIA to get in on the beginning of the year entry wars…be in and amongst the first shows to be considered….I am not sure if that is discounting the entries or what, but getting new and diverse entrants would be great.     Over all the experience was, high caliber, smart leaders attending, great jury presidents and great work to be inspired by. The Creative LIAsons is a breath of fresh air to me in a sea of negative issues in the world today. Keep that growing and going. I was honored to be asked to speak this year to the Young Creatives along with Diane Jackson and it was inspiring and exciting to have been a small, but informative part of the schedule. They were attentive and participated in the Q&A which is always a very positive sign for a speaker…   Again thank you to Barbara Levy and her staff for being brave, inclusive, bold in the way that she and her staff present the LIA to the jurors and the world.  
Oliver Fuselier
Marie Julie Gerbauld

Marie Julie Gerbauld - Pharmaceuticals

Creative Director
Publicis Brasil
São Paulo
, Brazil

My First LIA`s on Pharma jury was truly inspiring. We were a great group and we had amazing discussions. It`s really rich to have different points of view on the same subject and to exchange experiences from all over the world.

Laura Gregory - Branded Entertainment

Founder / CEO
Great Guns
, United Kingdom

Thank you to you and your team for an amazing experience both in judging and Creative LIAisons. The storiesin6 workshop triumphed, best to date. Unilever loved it.
Laura Gregory
Rory Hamilton

Rory Hamilton - Radio & Audio and Podcast

Partner / Executive Creative Director
Boys and Girls
, Ireland

I was lucky enough to have the honour of judging the Radio and Audio Category of LIA 2019. There in the Las Vegas sun, we settled down to listen to (and watch the case studies for) the best work from all around the world.   A couple of trends emerged. Firstly, in Radio and Audio there remains a huge opportunity to do brilliant work. As judges we were crying out for more entries, more scripts, more ideas. There was great work there, but not nearly enough. Radio has such a low barrier to entry in terms of production cost, that it's a pity that more creatives aren't taking advantage of the opportunities that lie in radio.   Secondly, brevity pays. A lot of work felt too long. 90 second spots that could have been 60 secons. 60 second spots that would have been 40's or even 30's. Radio is somewhere that you can go long, media space is inexpensive, but that doesn't mean that you should.   Finally, all the work that we heard was given every opportunity to shine. Every campaign was discussed, most debated. In every case the jury tried to find the good, the ideation of the craft that made a spot or campaign shine. I expected to find a jury of cynics, but instead I found a group who believed in and respected the medium and were delighted to award great work.

Matthias Harbeck - Design and Package Design

CCO Germany / Partner
, Germany

I‘ve judged many national and international juries and I have to say, this was one of the best.   Very good work. A diverse, highly qualified jury team, not too big, from all over the world, with real interest to identify the best cases and lot of passion, competence and humour. It was simply inspiring and fun.   Regarding your questions concerning the work, the trends and the winners:   In Design like in many other juries there is still a strong trend towards sustainability, accessibility, diversity, call it „purpose marketing“. And it’s not only coming from NGO’s. More and more companies try to make a point beyond the mere advertising of product benefits and ask: How can society really benefit from what we do?   I personally think we will see a rise of humour and lightheartedness the next years, because all that purpose marketing comes with a certain kind of seriousness from time to time, even heaviness. The basic trend towards „meaningful work“ in a broader sense will stay, no question, but with more emotional variety.   And I hope we‘ll see more of good packaging design! There could have been more entries of better quality in our jury.   Since outstanding packaging design gets more and more important in a world of an over-fluent product landscape, I’d like to encourage all designers out there: Do more great packaging design - and above all: Send it to awards like the LIA!
Matthias Harbeck
Waithera Kabiru

Waithera Kabiru - The NEW and Social Influencers

Head of Media Futures & Digital
, Kenya

It was an honour joining the 2019 LIA Jury on The NEW and Social Influencers.   The jury team was geographically diverse and with varied experiences in various industries, making the discussions quite robust.  As a second-time juror, I was glad to see an increase in entries from Africa compared to 2018. In addition, the overall quality of entries in The NEW showcased innovative solutions that were very impressive.

Megan Kelly - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Founder / Managing Partner
Honor Society
New York
, United States of America

Thank you again for inviting me to be on the Production and Post-Production jury at LIA. It was an incredible experience and I had a wonderful time. LIA is such a great show and I wish I had been able to spend more time at Creative LIAsons.
Megan Kelly
June Laffey

June Laffey - Pharmaceuticals

Chief Creative Officer
McCann Health
New York
, United States of America

June Laffey Chief Creative Officer McCann Health, New York “In my opinion London International awards is a health awards show like no other, in the sense that they give back, not just to the industry, but to the judges involved in the judging process.   Here’s a half a dozen reasons why I enjoyed the whole process.   1.    You get to spend the best part of a week with some of the best in the industry. Some I had judged with before, others not... but it’s very enlightening to hear others’ points of view, and also to see how tough it is becoming to win. As usual in pharma, it’s really hard to get quantity and quality when there are so many restrictions and regulations to consider.   2.    You get to see the best (and sometimes the worst) of the work before anyone else. There was some really insightful, strategy driven work that stood out this year. A new look at the opioid crisis with “Don’t live in denial”, and a way of bringing the older and younger generations together through an item of clothing with “999 Ganmaoling Keli” stood out for me.   3.    You get to help make the competition better. As a jury we struggled with some of the categories – and we also struggled on where some of the work belonged. At the conclusion of the process, we committed to try to make it easier for the entrants and the judges in future years by taking a fresh look at the categories.   4.    You are together with your jury through the whole judging process. LIA is the only top international health show where you get to see the work as a group together from start to finish. And you have the luxury of several days to really talk about the work. In this process, cultural nuances, or brilliance that you first didn’t see can come to light. Other shows divide the work and send out to a wider audience – so entries will get knocked out before they hit the jury room.   5.    You get to talk about craft. Since health was introduced into London International Awards three years ago, there has been a separate jury from the Pharma jury and the Health and Wellness jury, specifically dedicated to craft. It’s great to see that so many more agencies are investing the time and energy not just into finding a great idea, but executing it beautifully.   6.    Finally, you get to see the brightest young talent, the future of our industry, really inspired and taken care of through a whole week of motivating, educational and interactive presentations and workshops. This, above all for me is what makes LIA unique.

Pum Lefebure - Design and Package Design

Co-Founder / CCO
Design Army
Washington D.C.
, United States of America

Thank you for having me again this year. Always great to be in Las Vegas and connect with talented people every year. And thank you for having the young creatives sit in the Design and Package Design Jury for the first time. They learned a lot during the process. That’s a valuable lesson for the next generation to understand design thinking. It’s a different perspective.
Pum Lefebure
Dennis Lueck

Dennis Lueck - Branded Entertainment

Chief Creative Officer
Jung von Matt/Limmat
, Switzerland

“First of all: The Branded Entertainment jury was entertainment itself. Such a great and educational experience to be part of the LIA family. Concerning trends in our jury, here are my thoughts: Branded entertainment works best, when the brand steps back. A decent branding has even more impact for the brand. And secondly, the best work, be it social experiments or online film series, always played around the topic „Impact on life“, like for example that wonderful piece for Ruavieja called #WeHaveToSeeMoreOfEachOther.”

Gabriel Mattar - Integration

Chief Creative Officer
Innocean Worldwide Europe
, Germany

The festival is incredible. The jury discussions were all on a high level. No network politics involved as most of the award shows today. The only thing that matter was the work and creativity. LIA walks the talk, is created by creatives. And also judged by creatives. A very good one actually. I really enjoyed the time there and I hope the Innocean team can keep contributing for the success of the show in the future. Count always on us and let me know if I can be of any help further.  
Gabriel Mattar
Frank Mazzola

Frank Mazzola - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharmaceuticals - Craft

Chief Creative Officer
New York
, United States of America

“To see some of the best craft in our industry this year was an absolute honor. The line between health and everything else has all but disappeared. All of the work we awarded was worthy. Nothing got a pass, and it didn’t need to. The bar for what’s considered great gets higher and higher, and that’s the way it should be.”

Daniel Minaker - Digital

LATAM Chief Creative Officer
Wunderman Thompson
Buenos Aires
, Argentina

LIA judging was an outstanding experience to be part of. The digital jury really measured up. I took advantage of the time to learn from every talk we had. The work we saw was great and the awarded pieces were the best ones in the world nowadays. Thanks again for the invitation, I really appreciate it and hope to repeat it in the future.
Daniel Minaker
Joanna Monteiro

Joanna Monteiro - Digital

ECD for Global Projects
FCB Global
São Paulo
, Brazil

"Judging LIA was a wonderful experience. The jury was an amazing group!"

Darren Moran - TV/Cinema/Online Film

Founder / CCO
Gotham Bacon Concern
Los Angeles
, United States of America

Judging the LIA’s in Vegas was one of the best award show experiences I’ve ever had. The diversity of the jury - culturally and professionally - made for great conversation around the submissions and helped us elevate the work that truly spoke the common language of our shared humanity. It was such a smart and respectful group of talented people. Though there was some absolutely outstanding work in our category, comedy was in painfully short supply, which was perplexing. We need to laugh more than ever! Thankfully, I had a lot of laughs in Vegas with my fellow judges and now, new friends.  Thank you for the experience!
Darren Moran
Kaori Nagata

Kaori Nagata - Design and Package Design

Creative Specialist / Art Director
Shiseido Co., Ltd.
, Japan

Over the past few years, the direction of design has been focused on “How can design contribute to make a better world better place,” and many of the entries this year have been in line with this trend.   If I could add more, each work is a result that designers and clients all over the world have worked on with passion, and there are many works that were challenging, some works that touches ones heart, and works with innovative ideas, and it was a very happy opportunity to see these works together.   On this occasion, I participated as one of the judges gathered from various parts of the United States, Sweden, Munich, Shanghai, and Tokyo.   My fellow judges told me that "We have been discussing over a considerable amount of time throughout the year."   It showed a solid feeling in the design divided into categories, a tribute to applicants around the world who worked hard behind the wisdom and ideas, and a behavior worthy of showing respect.   There was a sense of exaltation and fulfillment that brought together a high level of perspective from seven judges with different cultures, experiences, and ideas, and aroused a new passion for design. Now, we all returned to our daily life, and looking back on our experience - the LIA examination, we were fortunate enough to share the a common feeling that "the most sublime design is to make people happy."   Next year, what kind of works will be gathered from all over the world? I’m looking forward to the next achievement.

Brett O’Connor - Jury President - Pharmaceuticals

Founder / Executive Creative Director
VCCP Health
, United Kingdom

I just wanted to say a big thank you for having me as a Jury President this year. It's an absolute privilege to be part of the LIA’s, which in my opinion is the best creative award show of them all!
Brett O’Connor
Piyush Pandey

Piyush Pandey - TV/Cinema/Online Film

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide / Executive Chairman, India
, India

It was great judging the awards at London International; extremely bright and respected jury. I enjoyed the experience of an open and fair conversation.

Per Pedersen - Integration

Global Creative Chairman
Grey Global
New York
, United States of America

“LIA stands out among creative festivals by carefully selecting extremely strong juries. The result is a strong list of winners that set the bar high and inspire the entire industry to do better.”
Per Pedersen
Cristiano Pinheiro

Cristiano Pinheiro - Music & Sound

CEO / Sound Designer
São Paulo
, Brazil

Thanks for having me as a Music & Sound juror this year. It was great being here. LIA judging has so many positive things!

Bruno Rebelo - Health & Wellness

Executive Creative Director
McCann Health
São Paulo
, Brazil

“To participate in the LIA jury was a rewarding experience. It's really about the work and creativity, no bullshit. Besides that, Health and Wellness had a great year in 2019, the volume and quality of the entries submitted was impressive.” 
Bruno Rebelo
Jorg Riommi

Jorg Riommi - Branded Entertainment

Chief Creative Officer
Publicis Groupe Central & Eastern Europe and Publicis Romania
, Romania

Judging LIA is truly a great experience, first of all for the quality of the professionals in the room literally coming from every side of the world, which contributed to the high and diverse level of the discussions.   Commitment, passion and the lack of personal agendas and politics, then, made sure that the focus was really exclusively on the work, as it should always be in creative festivals.   The top bit of the submissions was therefore truly outstanding and I’m sure that the sense of responsibility felt by the jury when selecting the metals reflects in the top quality of the winners, which truly sets the benchmark for the current state of Branded Entertainment worldwide.

Rafael Rizuto - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharmaceuticals - Craft

Chief Creative Officer
TBD Advertising
San Francisco
, United States of America

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work we've seen in the Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma - Craft categories. As an art director by trade I really do believe that an idea is only great if it looks great, especially in this category with so many regulations.   Besides the work, it was an honor to spend time with such an amazing group of people, world class creatives pushing our industry forward."
Rafael Rizuto
Neo Segola

Neo Segola - Integration

Executive Creative Director
FCB Africa
, South Africa

I needed to say thank you for the invitation to sit on that jury. What a stellar group of people; quite possibly one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for a seamless and well-executed process.

Jenny Smith - Radio & Audio and Podcast

President / ECD
St. John’s
, Canada

It was so good to see familiar faces again. But I absolutely loved meeting all the new ones and believe we will remain friends for years to come. I have been on many juries and I must admit that this one was, by far, a gem. The LIA team were extremely welcoming and kind. Thank you. Here are some thoughts on the experience:   LIA The Radio, Audio and Podcast jury had the smartest and most experienced people in the business - hands down. The unique combination of talent and diversity proved to be so strong on every level. Kudos to LIA for selecting the cream of the crop. The organization of the entire event was fabulous - the schedule, the hotel, the meals, and the parties/dinners. The hotel choice was top notch. Well done. THE WORK I was surprised by the number of entries (I thought there would’ve been more). Herein lies the opportunity: this should inspire agencies to convince clients to do more radio/audio/podcasts. Despite the fact that it’s one of the oldest mediums, it’s a goldmine for many reasons. There are so many ways you can reach consumers with audio - endless possibilities. I’d love to see more podcast entries (massive opportunity here, everyone!) and more innovative use of audio. And since I’m old school, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classic 30-second spot that’s brilliantly produced and casted. TRENDS There were quite a few monologues this year - long format, 60 & 30 second spots. This style is by no means new, but there are quite a few in a number of categories. WINNERS There were a few stand-out entries this year. In particular, I absolutely loved the 8-second Ziploc spots. What a smart example of a product demo. I also loved the Meme-oke campaign in the Innovative Use of Audio category. It was a really smart way to use audio to help people with Alzheimer’s. Another campaign that was very impressive (and also controversial because apparently there was a very similar radio campaign that launched at the exact same time) for WWF that used sound effects from plastic collected from the ocean to mimic whales, waves, and seagulls. Beautifully done.
Jenny Smith
Doerte Spengler-Ahrens

Doerte Spengler-Ahrens - Integration

Managing Creative Director
Jung von Matt/SAGA
, Germany

This year the LIA jury experience was one of the best I ever had.   Excellent, super experienced jurors, great discussions leading to fair evaluations and valuable comprehensive jury-results. The trend in the work was more than in the past to really make a difference and move things.   It was not about raising awareness for a topic only, but it was literally about changing something or doing something good.

Vinicius Stanzione - Integration

Creative Director
Leo Burnett
São Paulo
, Brazil

It was an amazing experience to be part of the Integration Jury. I had the opportunity to be among outstanding creatives with real passion for great ideas. And when you have that, everything works out like magic.
Vinicius Stanzione
Andrea Stillacci

Andrea Stillacci - Integration

Founder / CEO
Herezie Group
, France

LIA is not a beauty contest. LIA is an unforgettable moment of exchange where talents, sensibilities and cultural backgrounds meet to select the strongest creative ideas that have been delivered in the most compelling way.   The quality of the thinking, the impact of the work, the relevance of the purpose, the craft of the execution and the scale of the results are the feathers of our wings.   Since ever, creativity is the main human asset.   Let's keep it alive and make it the golden key to enter a better world.   It has been a great experience.   I loved the quality of the exchanges, the overall groove and the way you guys have organized it.   A true pleasure.

Wilf Sweetland - Jury President - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

, United States of America

I would like to thank you all very much for giving me the honour of Presiding over the Production, Post-Production and Music Video Jury. It was a real delight to see you all again and I would like to congratulate you all on how the festival was run, and how well the Juries were looked after. We all felt very spoilt and appreciated the time to be able to spend in other’s company discussing the best work from around the world. The dinners and the celebration at the nightclub were really appreciated and the setting of The Encore is fabulous.
Wilf Sweetland
Emad Tahtouh

Emad Tahtouh - The NEW and Social Influencers

Co-Founder / Managing Director
, Australia

I've said it many times, and I'm not at all exaggerating. LIA is my favourite awards show. To judge, enter, win, attend, all of it. I think what LIA is doing, and its commitment to the industry, is amazing. I'm more than happy to do anything and everything I can to assist in helping to grow it.

Mark Tutssel - Jury President - Non-Traditional


The Las Vegas Strip provided a stimulating backdrop to this year’s LIA Awards.   It was a great honour to preside over the 2019 Non-Traditional jury. I was blessed to work with an extremely talented, cosmopolitan and world-class jury. LIA had curated an exceptional diverse group of people who viewed the work from their unique perspective on the world.   I instructed the jury to search for the revolutionary, the unconventional, and the non-traditional ideas. We wanted to celebrate provocative, game-changing and envy-inspiring work that points the compass to the future of the industry.   The convergence of media, technology, data, self expression and creativity has fostered a world in which people have an unparalleled ability to connect with others, shape and influence attitudes and behaviour.   This category is for people who believe in creativity over conformity. Great non-traditional ideas never come from comfort zones. And action is the real measure of intelligence. The best ideas move people to act.   The successful brands and clients of the future require not only sensitivity and understanding, but also a greater degree of bravery and creative intuition than ever before.   Brave ideas don’t conform to the category conventions. Highly innovative brands reshape the way the entire world thinks about them and their business.   Two brands that stood out got back to a focus on brand-building and long-term brand health – Burger King and Pernod Ricard.   One an amazing use of technology, and the other, a transformational use of human data.   The sheer audacity of Burger King’s “Whopper Detour”, a future-facing tech hack, geofencing 14,000 rival stores nationwide, resulted in outstanding sales figures. While Ruavieja, “The Time We Have Left” was a viral sensation, generating millions of views and opening a dialogue about the value of relationships and the need for people to stay connected. It not only transformed human behaviour, it changed the way we live.   These brave ideas captured people’s attention and demanded a response, because they simply couldn’t be ignored.   The vast majority of the winning work was brave. Brilliant ideas inherently involve some risk, but without risk, there’s no reward, and the rewards are infinitely greater for brave ideas that stand out.   I would like to thank the remarkable LIA team and congratulate all the winners of this highly prestigious award.   LIA is a show ‘Created for Creatives’ and in this new dynamic landscape we have to keep creativity at the forefront of engagement, because it remains the most valuable asset in business.
Mark Tutssel
Taras Wayner

Taras Wayner - The NEW and Social Influencers

Chief Creative Officer
Saatchi & Saatchi NY
New York
, United States of America

“Thanks for another great LIA experience. The cross section of talent on the jury was perfect for our category.”

Brian Yessian - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharmaceuticals - Craft

Chief Creative Officer
Yessian Music
New York
, United States of America

Thank you for an amazing time judging LIA 2019. It was an honor to be selected for the 2019 LIA Health/Wellness and Pharma Craft jury.     This was my most favorite time judging the LIA’s. It’s always great, but this time was really special. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of an alternate craft jury this year. As a music company owner, I am typically judging (including past LIAs) on a music and sound design jury. This year was a real learning experience for me and I am grateful that LIA gave me the opportunity to try something new. I had the opportunity to critique and explore crafts I normally do not have the opportunity to judge (editorial, animation, copywriting, direction, etc), surrounded by a group of very intelligent and creative people that came from so many different backgrounds. I walked away with invaluable knowledge and learned so much from my fellow judges. It was an all around fantastic experience.     LIA is all about furthering our industry. Education is a big part of that as we see year after year with their creative LIAisons program. No matter where we are in our careers, there is always an opportunity to learn more. Let’s face it, our industry never stops evolving. I had the privilege to sit side by side with some of the smartest and most creative people in our industry exploring many areas of the craft, not just music. I walked away creatively inspired and with an entirely new skill set. There are not many award shows that take the risks that LIA does, and that’s why they consistently rise to the top of global awards people around the world strive for.
Brian Yessian
Josephine Younes

Josephine Younes - Non-Traditional

Creative Director
, United Arab Emirates

Personally it was an honour to be a part of the jury at LIA.   I love that LIA encourages, demands and enables discussion and debate. And it shows in the results. What constitutes Non-Traditional work? If there is a great idea that doesn't fit, then where can it be moved? There is a lot of integrity and honesty in the judging process. I learnt a lot from the jurors and it was great to see that we were all on the same page, when it came to the winners.   Another thing I admire is that instead of spending money on award ceremonies LIA spends money on nurturing young talent. Even having the young creatives in the judging room with us, added a new level of transparency to the process and also encouraged dialogue.   The work we saw was very inspiring, representing the depth and breadth of perspectives from all over the world. We saw work that stands the test of time - there was no trend as to the kind of work that was winning - it was just about great ideas, that stood out for context, concept and execution.

Richard Yu - Non-Traditional

Regional CCO, Greater China
ADK Taiwan
, Taiwan

I highly admire that LIA holds the judging with the same jury panel from the first round to the final round through a live judging, which is the fairest and most respectful for the entries. Led by the industry's prestigious jury president, Mark Tutssel, the jury panel composed of the best creative leaders from various fields all over the world, had a lively discussion to celebrate the most iconic and top-notch bellwether works shining out as well as inspiring the industry's future! I am very honored to be a member of LIA’s jury this year! Thanks again for inviting me to join. It's a valuable and wonderful time.
Richard Yu
Cass Zawadowski

Cass Zawadowski - Health & Wellness

VP / Executive Creative Director
, Canada

A big thanks to Barbara, and the whole LIA team for a great week of judging.  Really appreciated the opportunity - I loved being on the Health & Wellness jury with my fellow jurors. We had such a great team!  

Gerrit Zinke - Print • Poster • Billboard • Ambient

Managing Director Creation
thjnk Hamburg
, Germany

I really love the LIA exclusive format that the juries are observed by the LIAisons Attendees. It reminds you as a juror of your great responsibility and is a super helpful session for the young colleagues, even if it hurts sometimes.  
Gerrit Zinke