2022 Judging Comments

Kazutoshi Amano

Kazutoshi Amano - Design and Package Design

CEO / Director
P.K.G.Tokyo Inc.
, Japan

I was proud to once again participate in the Design & Package Design jury along with other great creators from all over the region. The value of the designs as described by each of the judges was convincing. It was especially satisfying to see the social value of the designs that were recognized by the judges and placed high on the list. I hope that LIA will continue to be a special award in the future.
Samira Ansari

Samira Ansari - Jury President - TV/Cinema and Online Film

Chief Creative Officer
Deutsch NY
New York
, United States of America

I wanted to say a huge thank you for having me this year. I’ve always wanted to be part of LIA. Such an impressive show you put on.
I for one really loved doing the in/out portion of the judging live. It meant we paid 100 percent attention to each piece of work and nothing was lost.
I hope I walk away with some metal this time around. And hopefully more in the future.
Flor Arrizabalaga

Flor Arrizabalaga - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Managing Partner / Executive Producer
Rebolucion UK
, United Kingdom

LIA judging was such a wonderful experience. I could see throughout the entire week how much LIA took care of us all. 
LIA is a great festival with jurors from all over the world who bring their unique views and experience to the discussions. And what can I say about my team in particular? Clever and funny people that made those days full of inspiration, laughs and great conversations.
I really enjoyed the moment when Barbara came to us and explained a bit how the festival started. I think it's great to see how many years the festival has been around and who are the key members. The best thing: so many clever women involved.
Sam Ashwell

Sam Ashwell - Jury President - Music & Sound

Supervising Sound Designer/Partner
, United Kingdom

Judging LIA in 2016 had always been my favourite experience of any awards show, until now. This year was something special… an unforgettable experience, the mix of people was perfect and the debating respectful, open and insightful (More so than any other judging I’ve been involved in).
My judging experience was amazing. The jurors were real experts in their fields and the discussions were amazing. I really enjoyed hearing everyone's opinions on the work and seeing things move up and down once everybody weighed in. When we discussed the Grand it was really fascinating. We felt there were seven strong Golds, but there was no Grand. To get to one of those seven Golds was an achievement." Sam expands upon this explainging that it came down to two pieces being discussed for a potential Grand, but that their jury felt they were really good Golds, but not quite Grands.
I’ve always had a love hate relationship with awards - to be fair with advertising in general! But this was all love and sent me home energised and positive. I’m very grateful for the invite, the opportunity and the jury (who have become firm friends) that LIA put me on. I hope I get to be part of it again someday.
Tom Beckman

Tom Beckman - Creativity In PR

Global Chief Creative Officer
Weber Shandwick

Thank you for inspiring well-organized and personal days in Vegas. The overall atmosphere is one of the best I’ve experienced in all my years of judging shows.
I came hoping to be inspired, not only by the work, but also by other people’s perspective on the work. And I was not disappointed.
The purpose of being on a jury is to change your mind about what’s good and why. You want to leave with new perspectives. Sitting down for three days with industry experts to discuss and curate benchmarks for earned creative is a privilege.
I believe we got to a good place for the first year of PR. It’s really good not to have online pre-judging. Especially with another jury (as in Cannes). That method kills a lot of good work due to lack of discussion, guidelines and calibration in the jury.
Doing all of the judging in person together always delivers a more solid result including more insights from the discussion.
Bruno Bertelli

Bruno Bertelli - Jury President - Integration

Global CCO di Publicis WW / CCO Publicis Groupe Italia /
CEO Le Pub Nederlands / Creative Chairman Le Pub

The best thing about judging in LIA is the very selective jury.  It's about discussing till the very end.  You can bring back work, you can uplift, you can downsize the work. This is rare and unique. As the quality of the juries is very, very high, there's no defending your network work.  It's all about getting the best of the best and to recognise the quality.
Mat Bisher

Mat Bisher - Integration

Chief Creative Officer
New York
, United States of America

The jury room was an incredibly rare combination of world class talent points of view and humanity/kindness.
Kent Boswell

Kent Boswell - Digital and Social Media & Influencers

National Director of Interactive
, Australia

It has been such a rewarding experience sitting on the Digital and Social Media & Influencers jury and getting to work with such an amazing bunch of humans that are all new found friends! Thanks, LIA for putting on such a fun festival and giving us all the opportunity to review a category that is always very inspiring and often gives us work that takes creativity to the edge.
Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman - Digital and Social Media & Influencers

APAC Head of Creative
, Australia

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for having me as part of your jury this year at LIA. 
It was so wonderful to spend a week with a group of people so passionate about creativity and what it can make possible. 
I’m leaving inspired, challenged and excited about our industry. 
As it turns out, I’m meeting one of my LIA mentees from last year, next week in Singapore face to face which will be awesome. She’s just got a new job and we’re staying in touch on all things creative. 
Istvan Bracsok

Istvan Bracsok - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Chief Creative Officer / /Founding Partner
White Rabbit
, Hungary

What do I need to have pure fun?
A fantastic festival - Created for Creatives.
2 amazing categories.
10 super pro and lovely fellow jury members.
Extraordinary organisers.
The best works of the year submitted.
A terrific place - Vegas!
One unforgettable week.
And I was lucky enough to have all these things above.
Thank you very much LIA!
LIA is only about creatives and creativity. There are no quotas. Each and every jury member sees every piece of work as there are no pre-jurors or pre-judging, which is different from other festivals. This makes LIA more fair. There is only one thing that matters - creativity.
Nicky Bullard

Nicky Bullard - Integration

Group Chief Creative Officer
Mullen Lowe Group
, United Kingdom

To be in one of the most exciting cities in the world with some of the best talent in the world was truly, truly wonderful.
Wendi Chong

Wendi Chong - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Head of Production / Executive Producer
BBH Singapore
, Singapore

It has been an amazing experience to be together with people from all around the world with different views when looking at the same piece of work, but we have all discussed, aligned and concluded what we think is the best work and awarded them. Thank you LIA and everyone involved! Not forgetting the awesome team I had.
Marine Cremer

Marine Cremer - Music & Sound

Music Supervisor
DDB Paris
, France

I've chosen to work in advertising because I love sociology meaning human being. I love how human we can be so trivial and emotional; I've chosen to work as a music supervisor in advertising, because I love cinema and soundtrack.
Thanks to LIA and their amazing team. It was awesome organisation and I am saying that as a producer! This has been the most inspiring 3 days of this year with the most talented people in the sound and music industry!
I've been working for 20 years now and sometimes I forget why I've chosen to be in advertising, a business that is moving so fast and not always in the right direction.
And one day an email tells me that I will be a juror for Music & Sound at the LIA awards. Such an honor and I am so grateful for this moment.
Everyone should get the opportunity to do this, to remind you why you are doing and loving this job.
Why advertising, music and sound is just the most amazing job in the world.
And most of this was unbelievable because I was able to share this moment with the most talented people in this industry and it was so generous and humble.
I didn't know at my age that you can find a new family, and I've found one that I love everyone, which is rare at a jury.
I think only the LIA festival crew is able to make things seems so easy, with such amazing good vibes.
The organization is so fluid, not rushed and the best way to stay focused in the jury.
Thanks to all of the members of LIA and especially Barbara, Patricia, Laurissa and sorry I didn't get her name, but the lady who came every day to get our coffee order!
Oriel Davis-Lyons

Oriel Davis-Lyons - Non-Traditional

Head of Creative
, United States of America

Thank you LIA for such a fun, interesting and inspiring three days. It was a real honor to spend time talking, learning and judging with you.  

Leaving Las Vegas feeling completely inspired by the great work and the amazing people brought together at the LIA - London International Awards. Thank you Barbara Levy for the invite to judge the non-traditional category and speak to the Creative LIAsons. And thanks to my awesome co-jurors Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Dan Lucey, Laura Gregory, Bianca Guimaraes, Humberto Polar, Hira Mohibullah, Rory Hamilton, Eka Ruola, Joana Mendes, Merlee Jayme, Kentaro Kimura. ???????

Richard Denney

Richard Denney - Ambient & Activation • Print • Poster • Billboard

Executive Creative Director
St. Lukes
, United Kingdom

What a great few days of inspiration at LIA - London International Awards. I always come away inspired from seeing the best work around the world, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Thanks to the amazing team LIA team and jurors. 
Ashwini Deshpande

Ashwini Deshpande - Jury President - Design and Package Design

Elephant Design
, India

The best part of judging was to be with the people in my jury who came from different backgrounds.  And to hear what they had to say about a piece and to build on each other's opinions.
Samantha Dolin

Samantha Dolin - Health & Wellness

Executive Creative Director
Klick Health
New York
, United States of America

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Barbara, and the LIA team for a wonderful few days here in Las Vegas. 
It’s always a privilege to be with peers and partake in incredible conversation around so much meaningful work. And it’s even better when it’s wrapped in such a wonderful experience like this. Thank you for putting it all together and hope to see you all again soon. 
Collette Douaihy

Collette Douaihy - Jury President - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma & Medical - Craft

Global Chief Creative Officer
Dentsu Health

Simone asked Collette about what she would take home from LIA. Collette comments that she would love to take all the work home in her carry on. “I can reflect on all that great work. It keeps me hungry, humble, curious...and I saw a lot of great work. I love keeping the work close. It helps us as creative leaders. I loved coming here, because I love talking to the people (of LIA).”
Collette adds that if she had more space in her luggage, she would take home the people she met here at LIA (not literally!). After some banter about luggage getting lost, she comments that “luggage can get lost, but it represents movement around the globe and great memories." She comments, “I have such great memories of amazing, inspiring people” that were here at LIA.
When you are judging craft, you are judging craft first and ideas second. 
The animation and the quality of the pieces really are propelling our industry further, especially in Pharma. One of my favorites in the show from a purley pharmaceutical craft perspective was ‘House Rules.’ This piece was a phenomanal piece for script, set design, the craft of the entire campaign... It pushed the boundaries much further than I've seen in years.
Collette Douaihy

Collette Douaihy - Jury President - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma & Medical - Craft

Global Chief Creative Officer
Dentsu Health

The judging experience was terrific.  We had a great cast of characters in the room - lots of diversity, lots of great conversations.  We took our time and made sure that we gave every piece the time it deserved.
Carol Dunn

Carol Dunn - Music & Sound

Executive Producer
Santa Monica
, United States of America

What an invigorating week spent in Las Vegas. (And I'm not talking about the slots!) I sat in a jury room with strangers who inspired and taught and challenged me about the craft of music and sound. We all sit in the silos of our individual companies forgetting that we are actually connected to a worldwide tribe of expert creatives working every day to make art. My first LIA experience surpassed my expectations. I left stoked with a reminder of the love I have for this industry. We arrived as strangers and left as friends with inside jokes, finishing each other's sentences and a promises to meet again - hopefully, in Vegas next year. Thank you LIA for helping me tick another wish off of my bucket list. 
Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards - Jury President - Branded Entertainment

Executive Creative Director, GALE/

My experience was great. We had people from all over the world, from all different backgrounds.  And we discussed incredible ideas for branded content and innovation.
Our goal from Day 1 was to uphold the legacy of excellence for the LIAs, and we did.
The 2022 Branded Entertainment Jury was one of the top 3 judging experiences of my career.
The LIA’s assembles the world’s best creatives to judge the world’s best work. It’s the Gold standard.
There was no Grand this year and the reason why there is no Grand is becuase the LIAs celebrate the best work in the world, so although we had Silvers that we felt very good about and Golds we felt great about, we didn't have one piece this year that stood out as the best work in the world.
Marina Erthal

Marina Erthal - Digital and Social Media & Influencers

Creative Director
São Paulo
, Brazil

Not even a copywriter can put into words the opportunity of being part of LIA Digital, Social Media & Influencers jury. It was an awesome, rich and thoughtful experience that brought us debates, lots of learnings, and a team that became friends for life, in a stratosphere really well organized that made us feel comfortable and at home, even in Vegas. Thank you, LIA for the opportunity and to be so careful choosing the judges, such amazing people. I came back home inspired to do more. Was one of the most inspiring and amazing opportunities for me. See you soon!”
Angie Featherstone

Angie Featherstone - Radio & Audio and Podcast

Creative Director
, Singapore

The discussions on the jury were insightful, and I had a great learning experience hanging with the rock stars of the Radio jury. Hearing from accomplished female creatives like Jo McCrostie was particularly inspiring.
The whole experience was welcoming, and I enjoyed the nights out at Area 15 and Neon Museum. It was so well organised.
Laura Florence

Laura Florence - Jury President - Pharma & Medical

Executive Creative Director
Havas Health & You
Sao Paulo
, Brazil

I think LIA did a good job in selecting the jury. The best thing was the discussions.  We had discussions from the beginning.  And the arguments made everyone think. So each of us is leaving Vegas with more knowledge and a better understanding of what Pharma is in the different countries.

The consistency of the work was amazing. So it was hard for us to decide the Gold, Silver and Bronze statues. 
Oliver Fuselier

Oliver Fuselier - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Managing Director / Executive Producer
Great Guns USA
, United States of America

LIA has become a destination for great creative work and the who’s who in the advertising industry. I believe that we all take judging seriously, pouring all of our experiences and knowledge into considering each piece of work we see and that can’t be denied!
But to be inspired by your fellow jurors, to enjoy and laugh so hard that little red hearts fly around the room….well….then you have something special and that my special friends is what we had! Thank you LIA for bringing us together. 
Fede Garcia

Fede Garcia - Creativity In PR

Global Chief Creative Officer

It was truly an honor to be part of the first jury in the Creativity in PR category. Three days of amazing discussions with incredibly talented colleagues trying to define together what it means to do great creative in the PR world. Great conversations and an amazing learning experience. Hopefully, we have set up the basis for future discussions and set the bar for what great creative in PR looks like.
Marcia Goddard

Marcia Goddard - Pharma & Medical

Chief Creative Officer
Fishawack Health
, United States of America

I’ve judged at LIA several times, and this may be the best jury yet! We had great conversations, lots of healthy debate, and a good dose of respectful feedback. I have always considered the LIAs to be one of the most organized and thoughtful award shows…by and for creatives!
Ilana Goldstoff

Ilana Goldstoff - Music & Sound

Sync & Licensing Manager Central Europe
Deutsche Grammophon
, Germany

Judging for LIA and especially for craft was such a special experience. I went back home feeling inspired by the high quality of work, with many new insights and with great new connections and even friendships made. It was great to have such a diverse group of professionals from all over the world in one room, to zoom in on the different aspects of craft, which is such an important part of a creative product / campaign. It was interesting to see the impact of in-person discussions about the work. Judging on-site in Vegas does really make a big difference.
Alessandra Gomes

Alessandra Gomes - Health & Wellness

Creative Lead
McCann Health Brazil
São Paulo
, Brazil

Participating in the Jury at LIA is indeed a very enriching experience. It was extremely organized and the professional process guarantees the Jury to play fairly. The discussions are very rich and aggregating, which contributes to raising the level of awards. Certainly, the best professionals were present there.
Pancho González

Pancho González - Digital and Social Media & Influencers

Chief Creative Officer
, Chile

First of all, I want to thank you for the amazing experience of being one of the jurors for LIA this year, during the week in Las Vegas. The organization, the judging system, the show, the quality of the people involved, the work entered, the food, everything was perfect and with a lot of takeaways.
LIA had the ability to bring together the most brilliant and restless minds of the creative world and did it in person, as it should be, during a week to judge the cases that were competing with the highest standards. And in addition to generating this virtuous ecosystem, LIA was able to complement the difficult task of judging entries with entertainment that you can only find in Las Vegas and thus generate an environment of friendship and networking that is unique in its kind on the planet. Viva LIA, viva Las Vegas.
Laura Gregory

Laura Gregory - Non-Traditional

CEO / Executive Producer
Great Guns
, United Kingdom

Non-Traditional team, always remember; you are very unique, challenging, probing, smart and wonderful humans.

THANK you all for being you and for teaching me so much these last 3 days. 

Doerte….I have to say you were a great leader and I send you healing vibes for your speedy recovery.
LIA ….You were the biggest hit in these jurors calendar.
Mark Gross

Mark Gross - Jury President - Radio & Audio and Podcast

High Dive
, United States of America

It was a really talented bunch of jurors. We had really great work, great discussions, great show.
One of the trends I think we saw this year, which was great, is we awarded work that was thought provoking and really made a larger impact. It went above and beyond just a regular radio spot or podcast. It had importance in how it influenced society and the culture around it, so that was interesting.
Bianca Guimaraes

Bianca Guimaraes - Non-Traditional

Partner/Executive Creative Director
, United States of America

Being a part of the jury, after having participated in the Creative LIAison program several years ago, was the biggest proof of how programs like that can help creatives thrive and jump into leadership positions. I'm super grateful and also inspired by the crazy smart people from the non-traditional jury. It was good to be in-person. The energy in the room, seeing people react to the work, the live discussions, it changes everything. I learned a lot and came out of it energised. 
Martin Hafley

Martin Hafley - Health & Wellness

Executive Creative Director
DDB Remedy UK
, United Kingdom

A quick note to say thank you LIA for the opportunity to help judge this year’s Health and Wellness entries at LIA. It was great to see some world-changing creative and share some time with a bunch of talented people. The organisation was superb from beginning to end so please pass on my thanks to all involved.
Jamie Hall

Jamie Hall - Transformative Business Impact and Creative Use of Data

Managing Director, Business + Brand Design
New York
, United States of America

Coming down from a week in Vegas debating the industry's strongest work for LIA - London International Awards. As a second time judge in the Transformative Business Impact category, a few observations:
1. If you're trying to work through nuanced, emotional topics and get to group consensus efficiently and respectfully, do your best to get in a room, without any second screens. Last year we judged virtually, and got through it alright, but the difference in person this year was palpable - the group was fully tuned in, trust was established more quickly, and as a result, the discussions were much richer.
2. The shortest line you can draw between why your business exists and how you make money, the more transformative your business impact will be. Said another way, your purpose drives your business model, not the other way around. It focuses your efforts, makes for a really clear employee value proposition, and reveals the strongest innovation and growth opportunities. If it feels like too long of a walk for a ham sandwich, it probably (definitely) is.
3. Las Vegas is categorically absurd. That is all.
Shout out to the truly impressive crew - Taras Wayner, Adrian Mills, Amy Carvajal, Shannon Washington, Dr. Stephan Vogel, Ben Tarr, Kwame Taylor-Hayford, Julie Scelzo and Gabriela Paredes Olguin.
And of course, to the co:collective team for allowing me to lock myself away for 4 days.
Tim Hawkey

Tim Hawkey - Jury President - Health & Wellness

Chief Creative Officer
New York
, United States of America

Quote 1: 
This is my first time judging LIA, and I must say the LIA vibe sets the tone for a different kind of judging experience.  It's more social, more laidback, more fun and that helps avoid some of the classic fights, debates and arguments that typically bog down a jury.  When there were discussions in my jury, it was a safe space to disagree with each other and come to an agreement.

Quote 2:
I have not judged LIA before so I will take away from this that one it’s a great experience for judges, this is a great setting, the hotel is amazing and it creates a very joyous atmosphere and I think when you compare it to other shows and other festivals some of them can take themselves very seriously, some of them are all about a certain aspect and I think the beauty of LIA that I’ll take away with me is that it’s meant to be fun. The word is fun. I’ll put this in the equivalent of my checked luggage. Some juries they fight about stuff. But like, you know, I settle my argument in my jury just by saying, guys, we are here to have fun. The work is fun. Let's celebrate creativity. The outcome of this isn't going to change the world. And if we're not going to agree, then each vote with your individual conscience. And you know I think Barbara would agree. Advertising is supposed to be fun and LIA is supposed to be fun. So that’s what I’ll take away.
Simon Heeger

Simon Heeger - Music & Sound

Co-Founder / Managing Partner
2WEI Music
, Germany

What a week! Judging for LIA was not only a huge honor, it was also a great way to connect with music and ad professionals from across the globe. Meeting people with the same passion is always great, but becoming friends with them is even more special. It was an experience I will never forget. Thanks LIA for taking such good care of us!
Mino Jarjoura

Mino Jarjoura - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Managing Partner
Hungry Man
Culver City
, United States of America

What an event! It's a great group of highly creative people judging highly creative work from all over the world. Looking forward to the next time.
Merlee Jayme

Merlee Jayme - Non-Traditional

Makati City
, Philippines

Thank you for this creative mind-blowing week. It erased two years of being locked down and zooming. Interacting with great minds surely ignited and inspired brave ideation.

Loved the last three days with all of you: the discussions, the honest and enlightening point of views, the much appreciated sharing of your cultural and insightful expertise, and the sugar treats too!  Truly thankful and honored. 
Mette Jermiin

Mette Jermiin - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

CEO & Executive Producer
, Denmark

I want to thank LIA for a great and well-organized week in Vegas.
LIA deserves big applause for creating an incredibly hospitable and personal environment. It was very rewarding meeting the sweet and talented group of people in our jury, and great to see how things materialized to become a strong line up of award-winning work.
It was a pleasure to meet a bunch of great people from the industry, get to discuss the work, and hear a wide variety of constructive perspectives brought to the table.

It has also been inspiring to witness LIA’s mentoring programs, and it would be good to see even more work from young talents in the actual competition in the future. 

Kudos to the everyone in the juries, to all the winners, and to Barbara and Patricia for running the show and making it feel like one big family.

It was a fun experience and I felt empowered by meeting you, getting to know the story behind LIA, and not least see how you and your great team handled to set the pieces in the enormous puzzle.
Armin Jochum

Armin Jochum - Integration

Founder and CCO
thjnk Germany

Sounds obvious, but it’s not. Laser focus on an outstanding idea, meticulous attention to detail, and the special energy that’s generated when you bring the right people together – that’s what leads to work that really stands out.
The same is true of award shows. Thank you, LIA, for the luxury of bringing together a truly international jury and for putting quality above politics at all times. It is your tremendous passion and respect for the creative product that makes all the difference. And turns LIA into an exceptional jury experience.
Erin Kawalecki

Erin Kawalecki - TV/Cinema and Online Film

Partner / Chief Creative Officer
Angry Butterfly
, Canada

To spend four days in the company of such talented, accomplished, smart people was a true honour. LIA is centered around ensuring that the judges are able to really focus on the work and have robust discussions, which is such a nice change at a time when ideas are too-often evaluated on a laptop. The whole experience helped renew my appreciation of our industry - not just the ideas, but the people.
Kentaro Kimura

Kentaro Kimura - Non-Traditional

International CCO at Hakuhodo and Founder
Hakuhodo Kettle
, Japan

Thanks to LIA, it was marvelous days with a lot of new inspiration. Arigato!
Bas Korsten

Bas Korsten - Jury President - Digital and Social Media & Influencers

Global Chief Creative Officer
Wunderman Thompson

Judging was great! We did the pre-judging and started bonding then as a jury. After that, we got into the discussions, which was the most fun bit.
As a jury you look for things that make a true impact in the world and inspire people to think about other innovative ways to deal within the category.
We felt that we needed to have something that would inspire people to go out and do daring things and in the Social Media & Influencer category it just felt like the work was really good, but nothing was at that level...so we felt like the Golds were solid Golds, but that we wouldn't go beyond that.
Dann Liebermann

Dann Liebermann - Music & Sound

Head of Creative Partnerships
The Elements Music
, United Kingdom

LIA was my first in person judging since Covid. I loved being in a room with people from around the globe representing the different corners of our music for media industry, sharing their unique cultural pov's. It was refreshing, enlightening and they were all so fuuuun!
I felt a connection with everyone there, which was unexpected and unique. Thanks for bringing us together LIA - London International Awards, our whatsapp group is still blowing up!
Thank you for having me on the Music & Sound jury, I loved meeting such wonderful people from my industry globally and feel I have made some incredible friendships.
I was honestly blown away by the LIA awards in every way, the organization, the inspiration, the people. Honestly I could go on.
Greg Lotus

Greg Lotus - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Global Head of Production

Judging the London International Awards was such a fantastic experience. The room had such great diversity and balance with representation from at least 8 different countries and opinions from both the production company side and agency. The discussions exhibited passion for the creative and great respect for the craft.
Renata Maia

Renata Maia - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma & Medical - Craft

SVP, Group Creative Director
New York
, United States of America

Judging craft at LIA is one of the most rewarding experiences that you can have. A great idea is not enough to cut through the clutter, it needs to be exquisitely executed. It is the passion for details, the constant obsession to elevate the final output, and the pursuit of greatness that makes an amazing craft piece. There are no short cuts in craft. You have to put everything you've got into it; not only time and sweat, but all the years of experience that you have in advertising. The difference between wishful thinking and reality is the application of craft.”
What an amazing experience it was to be part of the 2022 London International Awards in the Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma & Medical. It was without a doubt one of the most rewarding experiences that I've had. It was a true honor not only to review the most creative work in the world, but on top of that, to do it alongside these top-notch jury members who meticulously reviewed the work. Special thanks to my Jury.
Lyranda Martin-Evans

Lyranda Martin-Evans - Ambient & Activation • Print • Poster • Billboard

Chief Creative Officer
Fellow Human Creative
, Canada

My experience judging the LIAs was truly incredible - utterly egoless, no politics, it was all about the work. Should you be a recipient of this prestigious award know that it was entirely based on merit and breakthrough creativity - the kind of work that made us all say “wow, I wish we had thought of that!” Everyone in the room had a voice, and healthy, robust debates erupted where we agonised over each piece. The cream rose to the top and the category showcases the best of the best this year. Bravo to all the winners, and a big thank you to my fellow jury members for being such kind, thoughtful, word-class creatives to deliberate with.
Marty Martinez

Marty Martinez - Health & Wellness

Chief Creative Officer
Tank Worldwide
, Canada

The LIA’s have created a space where conversations, inspiration and admiration among judges can exists in an effortless manner. It was such a privilege to be surrounded by immense talent while having discussions that enriched every single one of us.  And the work…. Wow the work!!
Gabriel Mattar

Gabriel Mattar - TV/Cinema and Online Film

Chief Creative Officer
Innocean Berlin
, Germany

LIA should win the award for best Jury curation in the industry. I’m honoured to be once again part of the festival and I’m incredible thankful for the discussions and exchanges amongst the jury members. For a time together where we can all focus in one thing: ideas. Thanks again Barbara, Patricia and the whole LIA crew for making a creative festival that respects, connects and celebrates creativity and the creatives behind it. You have my vote for Grand Prix.
Rachel McCready

Rachel McCready - Health & Wellness

Chief Creative Officer
New York
, United States of America

I was looking for work that surprised me - that expanded my toolkit and inspired new ways to imagine the job we’re here to do. To paraphrase another juror, “to make possible what you thought was impossible".
What makes the LIAs special is the opportunity to discover new ideas from the best thinkers around the world and amplify them. That is our great honor and responsibility: to choose which ideas should take up space on the world stage and guide us all.
Jo McCrostie

Jo McCrostie - Radio & Audio and Podcast

Creative Director
, United Kingdom

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for such wonderful hospitality and the fantastic experience we all had judging the Radio & Audio category.

As always, a great jury – many of whom have become part of my ‘Jury Family’, and it was really special to be able to all meet together again In.Real.Life.
John McPartland

John McPartland - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma & Medical - Craft

Creative Director - Health
The Leith Agency
, United Kingdom

LIAison to LIA
What a difference a few years makes. 

Back when we were able to travel without the crippling anxiety every time you hear a cough. I had the pleasure of attending Creative LIAisons; it was an experience like no other from a show like no other. 
Spending a week surrounded by young creatives from around the world and industry leaders acted as a smorgasbord of creativity. The conversations and variety of view points helped change one’s perspective and appreciate work in a new light. The experience at LIA changed how I approached many aspects of how I work. It made me appreciate the value of every aspect of our industry, and how much grit and determination goes into making truly exceptional work. All of which helped me progress in the following years. 
Fast forward to 2022. More grey hair and having to re-learn how to interact with actual physical people, I had the pleasure of being invited back to LIA. This time to sit on the Pharma & Health Craft Jury. The role had changed, but the experience felt familiar. 
The conversations remained paramount to the show. In the jury room they were more thought provoking and sometimes more intense, but the more the work was discussed, the more you appreciated each piece. Every juror sat through every piece of work, and by taking the time to do so, no work worthy was left behind, nuances and cultural insights were allowed to come to surface and only then were we left with the best work of the year. 

This was what has and always will feel unique to LIA. 
The whole experience of LIA is something that should never be taken for granted. By helping to develop the next generation of talent, it helps the industry continuously move forward. Those attending LIAisons are exposed to the process and discussions that take place, and so therefore are able to develop not only themselves, but their teams in the process. All done by bringing people together, without any ego or motives, to celebrate creativity. 
Adrian Mills

Adrian Mills - Jury President - Transformative Business Impact and Creative Use of Data

Lead Partner, Creative Brand Advertising
Deloitte Digital
, Australia

Judging at LIA is awesome. The caliber of the jury that I worked with has been brilliant. There's a real sharing of values, sharing of standards and a real diversity of opinion, which I think has really meant that the best work has come to the top. I will say that a great jury is one where people's arguments change the opinions of other people and they feel respected through the process. Time and again the opinions, the knowledge and the insight of the jurors was at a standard that meant people were changing their minds and were seeing what other people were seeing and I think that's helped the best stuff win.

The caliber of entries this year was higher than last year. That's what you really want. This award is set up to try and attract ideas where creativity is solving a business problem not just communicating the solutions of other people.
Ronald Ng

Ronald Ng - Jury President - Creativity In The Metaverse and Evolution

Global Chief Creative Officer

It was an amazing jury.  There was the uniqueness of the diversity of expertise coming together to bring different points-of-view and perspectives which only a person working in that industry would know. That was fabulous!
Jenny Nicholson

Jenny Nicholson - Digital and Social Media & Influencers

Former Executive Director, Brand Experience
, United States of America

What makes LIA different from any other show is that the judges see every single piece of work and we see it together from the start. It would be easy for LIA to have us do the first round from home and then only gather for awards decisions, but being together as a group from day one means that each piece of work gets closer consideration and our discussions are richer and more meaningful. In addition, the connections we formed as a group were deeper and more lasting. I feel so lucky to have spent a full week seeing the best work in the industry, surrounded by some of the most talented creatives from all over the world.
Karan Novas

Karan Novas - Creativity In PR

Partner and Chief Creative Officer
São Paulo
, Brazil

Quote one: What an incredible experience it was to participate in the jury, one of the largest and most prestigious festivals of creativity and advertising in the world. Last week, I met in Las Vegas with some of the most respected professionals in the field to judge works of the Creativity in PR category, analyzing, debating and defining the trophy-worthy cases among 350 entries. There is no doubt how being in person with people from different cultures, backgrounds and world views contributes absurdly to a more plural perception of creativity, business and life. And I was fortunate to have, in addition to professionals, sensational people together on this journey that lasted long hours and long days – but that ended up being rewarding far beyond the judging.
Quote two: It was an incredible experience to be part of the LIA 2022 jury, especially at the premiere of Creativity in PR, a category that is increasingly essential in the strategy of successful campaigns. And being able to judge each work with some of the most relevant professionals in the industry - as well as wonderful humans -, in the same room, reinforced how much the personal contact and connection between different cultures, backgrounds and visions of the world contributes absurdly to a more plural perception about creativity, business and life itself.
Carren O'Keefe

Carren O'Keefe - Creativity In The Metaverse and Evolution

Executive Creative Director
, The Netherlands

Judging this first-of-its-kind category led to so much rich conversation about the category as much as the work entered into it. Given that the Metaverse itself is still just a concept, so it was exciting to see work that’s starting to actualise what it can be for both brands and consumers.
Brett O’Connor

Brett O’Connor - Pharma & Medical

Executive Creative Director
VCCP Health
, United Kingdom

It's great to be back together again at the LIA's judging every piece of work entered in person. Rich discussions about the work followed, with the outcome of great work being awarded. Well done to all the shortlists and winners. They are truly deserved. As always, the judging environment LIA offers is second to none. 
LIA looks after the jury like no other show, the atmosphere amongst the LIA team and all the juries is phenomenal.
Gabriela Paredes Olguin

Gabriela Paredes Olguin - Transformative Business Impact and Creative Use of Data

Head of MBCS Mexico, Media Brands
Mexico City
, Mexico

In a category that encompasses relevant verticals for each business, brand and agency in a world where data sets the standard, this opportunity to share with a jury of professionals from the global industry and impeccable ethics, has been one of the best experiences I've lived this year.
Talking about how a company can positively impact its environment and the power of knowing audiences by properly engaging with touchpoints opens up the space for innovation.
This jury got to see great data practices, amazing ideas, and innovation for development, sustainability, and inclusion.
The world of creativity has a long way to go but the road begins where we are standing today, where we are, is privileged: ideas like PIÑATEX by DOLE SUNSHINE COMPANY + ANANAS ANAM/ L&C, New York, is a substitute for leather, vegan, cruelty free and sustainable that is made from the cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves that not only wins metals and a grand prize, it wins by discovering how doing something with commitment achieves a lasting positive impact on the environment and on the brand.
We found cases such as “Data Store”, by DDB Mexico for We Capital consecrated with metal in the Creative use of data category, where we found that the idea was to restore credit history so that more than 35 million women can be included in the system. Banking and economic independence. An idea that moves in a positive way.
Yes, advertising festivals continue to be those meeting points for talents and ideas, actions and sounds, but above all in categories like the one I had the honor of being part of, purposes, insights and actions that transform businesses, agencies and cultures.
Thank you, LIA, for doing me the honor of being there. It represents a lot for me and for the women who come with me.
Humberto Polar

Humberto Polar - Non-Traditional

Partner, Chief Creative Officer
The Juju
Mexico City
, Mexico

Judging LIA as a part of such a fantastic group of professionals made my year.

We managed to have awesome discussions and to exchange valuable points of view about the state of our business, in the process of awarding the very best of the year. About the winners, it is clearer than ever that the best current advertising goes far beyond a speech or a narrative, and it commits to take action which means a lot, since advertising a part of the communications industry. Either for a brand or for a cause, we should give more value to those messages that trigger other concrete things and make people move from where they are. 
LIA has assembled a truly inspiring community of creatives, eager to evolve our craft and meet the particularities of the zeitgeist, and it shows in the awarded work.
Vera Portz

Vera Portz - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Executive Producer / Partner
Tempomedia Filmproduction
, Germany

LIA was such a great experience! Flawless, organized, fantastic teamwork all around.
Nice to start judging when your jury is together in person.
Nice that every submission gets the same chance and respect from the whole group of judges.
Nice to get so much freedom in going for the best creative work.
LIA is special! This jury of 11 fantastic human beings were special! I'm in every year.
Thank you so much for having me on this year’s LIA Production & Post-Production jury.
I enjoyed it so much, learned a lot and had loads of fun.
One could feel the passion everybody on your team has for this award which makes it such a great experience.
Augé Reichenberg

Augé Reichenberg - Pharma & Medical

Chief Creative Officer
VMLY&R Health
New York
, United States of America

I found the whole LIA judging experience to be full of learnings and laughs. The discussions are creatively invigorating, enlightening and fun. You get to see trends first-hand and if you’re like me, and on the Pharma Jury, you learn that defining “what’s Pharma?”, isn’t as clear cut as you thought it was.
Ali Rez

Ali Rez - Jury President - TV/Cinema and Online Film

Chief Creative Officer, MENAP
Impact BBDO
, United Arab Emirates

What a fantastic jury to be part of at LIA - London International Awards. Four intense days of looking at hundreds of films from around the world with this group of amazing people was a big learning experience for me: we laughed, we cried, we yawned, we were mesmerized, we argued, and we became friends.
Feeling great about the final results for both Online and TV/Cinema work - results are out already so check them out on liaawards.com
The jury itself was very diverse, which is always very amazing. Not only from a geographical point of view, but also (from a professional point of view), as we had a producer amongst our group, which was good to get that perspective, as well. The vibe was very friendly and I think everyone got to learn something in this jury. We debated quite a bit, especially when it came to differing viewpoints based on where we were each coming from, but it was all very professional and all very respectful, which is the best you can expect from a really good group. Overall, the one word I would use is 'Relaxed'. It was all very relaxed.

Marjorieth Sanmartin

Marjorieth Sanmartin - Integration

Executive Creative Director
TBWA Germany
, Germany

Three days before winners were announced:

What Happened in Vegas, this time doesn’t stay in Vegas! Because the count Down starts Now! 
Only three days to get to know all the Winners from the LIA - London International Awards.

What an Honor and a great Experience to be in this amazing Jury. If you ask me, this is the best I have ever been on. The LIA President Barbara Levy and Patricia Censoprano are just an inspiration in every way possible. You really make this Award special. Thank you for thinking of me and giving me the chance to be there with you.

In which Jury you may ask, well nothing less than in the Integration. Which if you ask me, is one if the hardest of all and for this we had the best Jury President we could have, the one and only Bruno Bertelli Global CCO from Publicis - “I am honoured to take on the role of President of the Integration jury. The category will give us a chance to take a look at the best and broadest campaigns of the year. I’ll be looking out for work that reached consumers across various touchpoint and also answered the needs and challenges of the brand.” 

If having Bruno as president was not honor enough there was also Liz Taylor who I can’t thank enough for all her inspirational talks and discussions. But she was not the only female power in our Jury. Nicky Bullard, CCO Mullen Lowe Group, London and Tara Ford CCO The Monkeys, Sydney. I miss you ladies already. 

Also on my jury Mihai Gongu, ECD, Southeast Europe, Cheil Centrad, Bucharest, Mat Bisher, CCO DDB-New York - always refreshing to see the American points of view in the cases, Dean Paradise ECD GUT Miami, Scott Duchon, CCO 215 McCann, San Francisco. 

I have to thank David Guerrero, Creative Chairman from BBDO Guerrero Makati City, for the great Crap Book, I will get back to you if possible to talk about this master piece. 

I was not the only one representing Germany. I was super honored to have at my side the great Armin Jochum, CCO / Founder thjnk Hamburg. Thank you Armin for everything, and mostly your honesty.
To make this all happen I have to thank the Great LIA family, who are the ones that bring the magic in all, Laurissa Levy you are just amazing, thank you for everything. Colin Avery thank you for the inspiration and the carrying. Also to Lily and the rest of the LIA family.

Also thank you to the Music Jury for adopting me for a night out, thank you Mieke Haase I just love you too much. Vera Portz you are the best. The one and only Doerte Spengler-Ahrens what would I do without you. Alex Schill, my partner in crime. Menno Kluin, it was too long ago the last time we saw each other. Hopefully the next time won’t be so long. Metz ti Bryan you are just amazing. Hope to see you in Berlin. Britt Nolan wait for my call ;-) 

Hopefully till next time!! 
Lucas Sfair

Lucas Sfair - Music & Sound

CEO / Music Director
CANJA Audio Culture

Creativity is a universal language. Having the opportunity to discuss Music & Sound with such talented professionals from different cultures is a learning experience that will last a lifetime. From structure to the staff, LIA delivered excellence in the best way possible. Can’t wait to be here again. Obrigado!
Paul Shearer

Paul Shearer - Branded Entertainment

Chief Creative Officer – Global Clients
Wunderman Thompson
, United Kingdom

The LIA awards are back big time.
This is a unique awards show that has pure creativity at its heart.
The level of judging ensures that every entry gets a fair shot at winning.
Joel Simon

Joel Simon - Radio & Audio and Podcast

President / Chief Creative Officer
JSM Music
New York
, United States of America

Your show, how it’s arranged and executed continues to be a highlight for me every single year. 
This past show was the best ever, for me. 
Unlike all other industry shows/events, LIA stands out above all. As much as it’s high end, beautifully orchestrated, showcases the best international work and features some of the most incredible, talented and passionate creatives, it truly feels like a family. LIA makes it a family. LIA makes it a warm, loving and respectful environment. They treat the jurors with love and respect, and as a result of all of their extraordinary efforts, LIA creates and fosters such strong relationships for all who attend for years and years to come.
I feel incredibly fortunate and honored to be part of LIA and to consider you dear friends.  
Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Radio & Audio and Podcast

Co-Founder / Principal / CCO
Plot Twist Creativity
, United States of America

I really do love being a part of the LIA family and getting to judge such a fantastic show (and be part of a podcast)! It’s a pretty special thing you’ve got going there. Thanks for having me along!
John Spary

John Spary - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Owner / Managing Director
John Spary Associates / Mad Cow Films
, United Kingdom

Once again LIA has brought together a superb team of International judges who meticulously contribute their views, observations and experience to the process.
There will always be outstanding work, but the joy of judging Production and Post-Production allows you to credit the actual craft and so areas like CGI, Cinematography, Design, Editing, Casting/Performance and Direction are given a platform to stand out for the recognition they deserve. Entries were of a very high standard and so winners should be proud of their statues.
I would also like to applaud LIA for inviting so many young creatives to participate in the innumerable discussions and sessions that they host - no other awards does that and as an industry we should support them.
Doerte Spengler-Ahrens

Doerte Spengler-Ahrens - Jury President - Non-Traditional

Managing Creative Director of JvM SAGA
/Partner at Jung von Matt
, Germany

The LIAs is for me one of the most prestigious awards and I'm very proud and happy to be here. We have the best jurors.  It's always on eye-level discussions and it's very fruitful, as we say in Germany, so you learn a lot. It's a great time we spent together and we take it very seriously to find out what is the best work. It gives LIA a certain currency which is highly ranked in the world.
Andrea Stillacci

Andrea Stillacci - Branded Entertainment

Founder & CEO
, France

LIA builds bridges. It’s not just an awards show. It’s a unique way to connect with young talents and to make top notch jurors meet and learn from each other. The LIA formula allows the creative work to be at the heart of the event in all its irresistible purity. On the top of that, a perfect organisation makes the whole experience a true, unforgettable pleasure.”
Della Sweetman

Della Sweetman - Jury President - Creativity In PR

Chief Business Development Officer, Executive Lead, Global Creative, Strategy and Planning
New York
, United States of America

The judging experience was terrific.  We had a great cast of characters in the room - lots of diversity, lots of great conversations.  We took our time and made sure that we gave every piece the time it deserved.My experience at LIA was fantastic! It was my first time at LIA.  One of the things we reminded ourselves in the jury room was that, first and foremost, this is a creative awards festival.  This was the most important thing for us to keep in mind as we were judging. It was a steer for what we would be looking for in terms of the kind of work that we were rewarding.
A quick note to convey my huge gratitude to the LIA crew for a fantastic festival judging last week. Thank you LIA for all your organization, facilitation, and support leading up to and during the event. I had an absolute blast reviewing and evaluating all that incredible work and getting to spend time with you all and with our terrific Creativity in PR jury. 
I so appreciate your invitation to serve as inaugural PR jury president and hope you were pleased with the overall process and outcome. Everyone in our group felt pretty good about the final selections and I’ve been sharing it around our agency as inspiration and motivation to create better work.
Xavier Sánchez Civil

Xavier Sánchez Civil - Health & Wellness

Founder / CCO
, Spain

Having the privilege of being a jury member in Las Vegas confirms my perspective: winning a LIA Award is not a game, it is not a matter of luck or chance, it is the result of effort, talent, and taking the risk of betting on those ideas that can make the world a better place.
An intense, multicultural, wonderful and rewarding professional and human experience. Having the responsibility and privilege of being a juror at the LIA Awards has been an incredible opportunity to continue growing as a creative and to continue learning from my fellow judges. Jury conversations become lessons.
Sebastian Tarazaga

Sebastian Tarazaga - Health & Wellness - Craft and Pharma & Medical - Craft

Chief Creative Officer, Latam
Wunderman Thompson
Buenos Aires
, Argentina

I really enjoyed judging Craft Health and Pharma at LIA. It was a unique experience. Going back to face-to-face sessions did very well for both the festival and each one of us who made up the diverse jury. People from different parts of the world, with experience in different capabilities made the discussions super enriching when it came to defining who the best projects were. The atmosphere is different, the way of judging, the professionalism and the perfect coordination, made this festival a celebration that I would never want to miss.
Ben Tarr

Ben Tarr - Transformative Business Impact and Creative Use of Data

Leo Burnett Group Canada
, Canada

I just wanted to send a big thank you for having me judge the show. LIA was a phenomenal experience. The judging, the entertainment, the location. It was all just flawless, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it. And also for the young Creatives who had an incredible time and learning experience.
Dissara Udomdej

Dissara Udomdej - Digital and Social Media & Influencers

Chief Creative Officer / Founder
Yell Advertising Bangkok
, Thailand

It is created for creatives! Opening eyes from local to global perspectives through diversity and notable juries. That is why LIA has always been the top creative awards festival.
Jason Van Pierce

Jason Van Pierce - Music & Sound

Creative Director
, United States of America

The countless weekends, late nights, holidays, over-time, and even more weekends of trying to make something great, can wear us down. But there is nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by the best creativity in the world, while sitting in the room with some of the best creators in the world. It was truly an honor. Thank you LIA fam for inspiring me.
Dr. Stephan Vogel

Dr. Stephan Vogel - Transformative Business Impact and Creative Use of Data

Chief Creative Officer EMEA
, Germany

Barbara Levy knows everyone in our industry. And everyone knows Barbara. That's why she always gets the best bunch of people for all the juries. Judging Creative Data and Business Transformation was a great experience this year.
Taras Wayner

Taras Wayner - Transformative Business Impact and Creative Use of Data

President, Creative Platforms & Solutions, Global

Thank you again for another amazing year at the LIA. From the LIAisons to the gathering of a wonder jury, the LIA remains my favorite show by far. 
The experience of judging the Transformative Business was like no other. The LIA collected a diverse group of leaders in the industry to not just judge, but discuss how creativity is best used to transform business. The debates led to a mix of winners that represented how creativity is transforming our clients and also our agencies. I left inspired by the work I saw and the discussions we had.
Sherman Winfield

Sherman Winfield - Radio & Audio and Podcast

Executive Creative Director
, United States of America

Closing out a spectacular trip of judging LIA - London International Awards in Las Vegas. Celebrating the world’s best work amongst friends, old and new, was a treat. Shoutout to the baddest band in the land, the Radio/Audio jury, Patricia Censoprano, Barbara Levy and the entire LIA crew. It was an absolute honor and pleasure judging LIA. I was surrounded by the world’s best creatives, thinkers and marketers, while celebrating the work that’s setting the bar in the industry and in culture. Friends were made, work was discussed, fun was had. Definitely an experience for the ages. Let’s run it back in ‘23, y’all.
SooHee Yang

SooHee Yang - TV/Cinema and Online Film

VP, Chief Creative Officer
Publicis Groupe Korea
, Korea

While I feel that the central axis of global business is shifting to IT and technology these days, the four-day judging journey at LIA was a precious time that once again made me feel the revival of creativity.
The deep, honest, and sincere feedback towards Creative from various judges was once again a very inspirational, memorable, and meaningful experience.

Furthermore, the LIA's professional preparation for the judges throughout the entire process was so impressive.
Once again, thank you for all your hard work, focus, and unlimited passion for creativity who participated in the Film Jury.
Brian Yessian

Brian Yessian - Music & Sound

Partner / Chief Creative Officer
Yessian Music
, United States of America

Judging the 2022 LIAs was a memorable experience for me. I have had the great pleasure of judging this show several times now over the years and I have to say it is consistently the most warm and welcoming judging experience I have been involved in. This year was no exception and the most memorable yet!  We had a jury that formed a strong bond and consistently supported each other throughout the week.  Simply put, we were inseparable. Not only did we have an opportunity to judge the best work from around the globe, we did it with passion and love for the craft.
Wesley ter Haar

Wesley ter Haar - Creativity In The Metaverse and Evolution

Founder / Executive Director
Media.Monks Amsterdam
, Netherlands Antilles

What better place to discuss the Metaverse than in Vegas, a place that feels like a Roblox world built during a sugar rush. And there are no better people to discuss it with. LIA's managed to pull together a smart & savvy group of pioneers to discuss and define all things metaverse and web3. Not easy, but easily the best time I've had discussing the complexities of interoperability 
Metz ti Bryan

Metz ti Bryan - Jury President - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Co-Founder/Head of Production
The Or
, United Kingdom

The judging experience was even better than I could have expected. Having everyone in the same room, the jury from all over the world - there was such a high level of talent and great points-of-view. So the judging surpassed my expectations.
Diederik van Middelkoop

Diederik van Middelkoop - Music & Sound

Executive Creative Director / Partner
, The Netherlands

Beloved members of the incredible Music & Sound Jury - my new-found Family
I have been lucky enough to be a part of LIA a couple of times.
They have always been amazing experiences.
It is by far my favourite industry festival in the world.
This year was extra special, however.
After a couple of weird corona years, and the appropriate online judging, I think we had all forgotten what it is like to be in a room together.
But to be in a room with such a spectacular cast of characters was nothing short of inspiring, humbling and heartwarming.
Thank you and the LIA team for organizing such a flawless event, and making us all feel so welcome.
I cannot wait to see you all again.
LIA is by far my favourite festival, and you all feel like family to me. 
The response from the Creative Liaisons has also been very positive.
In the meantime, from Amsterdam, with love (and a little help from The Mamas and The Papas)