2024 Judging Comments

Susan Credle

Susan Credle - Jury President - Integration and Direct

Chair of FCB
Creative Advisor to IPG
, United States of America

“The jury room is only as good as the jurors in that room. The Integration and Direct Jury this year is outstanding. Cannot wait for the discussions around the work. It will be a master class.”
Till Diestel

Till Diestel - Jury President - Ambient & Activation • Billboard • Poster • Print

Chief Creative Officer
Serviceplan Germany, Munich
, Germany

“I feel very honored and excited to chair this year’s jury. Can't wait to get together into a room in Vegas with all these brilliant minds to discuss creative work. What could be better.” 
Carol Dunn

Carol Dunn - Jury President - Music & Sound

Managing Director
Barking Owl, Los Angeles

"I am honored to have been named the LIA Music & Sound Jury President for 2024. My passion for integrating music with visuals has propelled me into a position where I can collaborate with some of the most skilled individuals in the industry. The opportunity to assess the work of my peers and be consistently impressed speaks volumes about the dedication and expertise we all have.

Judging the subjectivity of creativity while prioritizing craftsmanship demonstrates an understanding of the nuances involved in evaluating artistic endeavors. As the leader of the jury, I have the important responsibility of facilitating discussions to determine the winners.

My commitment to this role of Jury President reflects a deep respect for the artistry and innovation of music and sound within the advertising industry. I have long been a champion of excellence in music and sound design and along with the rest of my colleagues on this jury, look forward to contributing to the ongoing advancement of creative expression of music and sound design in advertising.

Wish me luck in leading the conversation and recognizing outstanding achievements in the field of music and sound in advertising for 2024!"
Jonathan Isaacs

Jonathan Isaacs - Jury President - Health & Wellness-Craft and Pharma & Medical-Craft

Global Chief Creative Officer
TBWA\Health Collective

“So honored to be a LIA Jury President. With the confluence of technology, e-commerce, self-care and purpose driven brands, there’s never been a better moment to be in health & wellness. Show me what you got health creators!”
Joji Jacob

Joji Jacob - Jury President - Creativity In B2B

Regional Chief Creative Officer SEA & NA
, Singapore

“Take mainstream advertising, and multiply the degree of difficulty by ten, and what you get is B2B communication. If selling a car to a couple isn’t hard enough, try selling computers to a committee. And I’ve judged LIA before, and I’m all the richer for it. LIA brings together the finest creative people from across the globe, gives them the time, space, and the platform to look at and consider the work deeply, and then celebrates the best of it. In other words, looking at the best work at one of the best shows, I can’t wait.”
Zoe Kessler

Zoe Kessler - Ambient & Activation • Billboard • Poster • Print

Group Creative Director
Johannes Leonardo
New York
, United States of America

"In the Creative LIAisons program, seeing behind the scenes how judges evaluated the work gave me real insights into how to get to a great idea, very early in my career. It helped shape how I think about what good creative looks like and I use those insights everyday as I coach my teams everyday."
Charlotte Lepot

Charlotte Lepot - Jury President - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

Executive Producer

"Discovering, discussing, learning and sharing my passion with incredible jurors is really my passion! I’m always curious to see what’s next and get inspired by the greatest films from all around the world. 
It’s a big responsibility and a huge honor to stand as the Jury President for these categories. 
I’m thoroughly looking forward to the enlightened and passionate discussions we’re going to have about this year’s films."
Nadja Lossgott

Nadja Lossgott - Jury President - Non-Traditional

Chief Creative Officer
AMV BBDO, London
, United Kingdom

“I’m thrilled to be judging the work that doesn’t fit a specific mold and sits outside of the boundaries of the known. These are the ideas and executions that plot a new path for our industry.”
Oskar Lübeck

Oskar Lübeck - Jury President - Design and Package Design

Chief Creative Officer
Bold, Stockholm

“I am truly honored to return to the LIA Awards, this time assuming the role of Jury President for the Design and Package Design categories. What I think makes jury work so rewarding is not only to evaluate and discuss the best creative work in the world, but to meet and learn from some of our industry's most brilliant minds. The field of Branding and Design is evolving, with emerging technologies and new ways for brands to interact with their audiences. It is exciting times, and I believe that our industry now more than ever has the possibility to make meaningful impact on people's lives. Thanks again LIA for this opportunity - I look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas!”
Susan Perlbachs

Susan Perlbachs - Jury President - Health & Wellness

Chief Creative Officer

"To lead the LIA 2024 Health & Wellness jury is an honor and a responsibility I deeply cherish. LIA's commitment to transparency and championing the creative process sets it apart in the industry. As a Jury President, I have the privilege of working alongside some of the most esteemed professionals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that every entry is evaluated with the utmost objectivity and integrity. Both the process and winners are a testament to LIA's unwavering dedication to exceptional creative and the creative community."
Suzanne Powers

Suzanne Powers - Jury President - Creative Strategy and Transformative Business Impact

Powers Creativity, New York
, United States of America

"I'm thrilled to chair a new category for LIA that champions the impact of powerful strategic creativity on business, culture and the world at large. 
Our industry is driven by the belief that the power of creativity can change the fortunes of business AND impact people's attitudes, behaviors, and lives. I'm so looking forward to working with our amazing jury to delve into that relationship by finding the work that's both strategically creative and creatively strategic in that pursuit, thus celebrating the work that beautifully fuses strategic and creative excellence for real-world impact. "
Laura Rapela

Laura Rapela - Jury President - Audio & Radio

Executive Creative Director
GUT Buenos Aires
, Argentina

"I am so happy and honored with this news! I like the idea of being able to see everything and have the big picture. I am interested in selecting the pieces that renew the category, as is the trend, but without leaving aside those great scripts that always make us smile. Big Ideas with audio at the center. That's what we are going to look for"
Tom Richards

Tom Richards - Jury President - Pharma & Medical

Co Global Chief Creative Officer
, United Kingdom

"Judging the prestigious London International Awards is an honour, but to be asked to be Health & Wellness Jury President is on a whole other level. We have a stellar international line up of judges this year and I promise you this, I’ll do my upmost to mediate and focus the undoubted energy in the room. For me real live, in the room, in person judging is what sets LIA apart. And the responsibility isn’t lost on me. The world will be watching and the judges will be judged as much as the work. I feel their cold breath on my neck already."
Camila Rodrigues de Souza

Camila Rodrigues de Souza - Digital and Use of Social Media & Influencers

Creative Director
Wieden+Kennedy, São Paulo
, Brazil

"Participating in LIAisons has been a transformative experience in my career. It taught me fundamental pillars of evaluating ideas, which became a compass for my creative process and how I assess projects as a juror. The program connected me with inspiring professionals, who continue to influence my work. This year, I'm thrilled to give back as a Creative LIAisons mentor, guiding the next generation of talent."
Yasu Sasaki

Yasu Sasaki - Jury President - Evolution and Creative Use of Data

Global Chief Creative Officer
Dentsu Group Inc.
, Japan

“When data is infused with the power of ideas, innovation is more likely to occur. The more creativity pushes the boundaries, the easier it is for evolution to occur.

It is a great honor to judge these two exciting categories. I look forward to seeing the ideas that will transform the world.”
Della Sweetman

Della Sweetman - Jury President - Creativity In PR

Chief Business Development Officer
Executive Lead, Creative, Strategy and Planning
FleishmanHillard Global, New York

“I’m delighted and honored to be invited back to serve as president on the LIA Creativity in PR Jury for a second time. We are well into the era where the power of earned creative and ideas is unrivaled. I’m especially keen to see more work emerge from Creatives in PR and Communications at a time when we know other disciplines continue to show very strongly in this category. And I’m looking forward to joining the other LIA jurors to celebrate some exceptional work!”
Juan Woodbury

Juan Woodbury - Jury President - Branded Content and Branded Entertainment

North America Creative &
Entertainment Lead
Ogilvy, New York

“In today's landscape, brands aren't just vying against each other; they're in a constant battle for people's attention, affection, and excitement, leveraging various narratives and experiences. The key is crafting something irresistible, something people eagerly engage with and can't afford to overlook. This is why overseeing LIA's Branded Entertainment and Branded Content category is such an exhilarating responsibility, and I'm privileged to lead, as its Chair.”