2023 Production & Post-Production and Music Video Jury

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Charlotte Lepot
Executive Producer

Charlotte Lepot is an executive producer at DIVISION. She started out at world-renowned production company Partizan in the 1990s, where she cut her teeth as head of Music Videos. Since that debut, she earned her stripes by working on iconic and unforgettable music videos for Daft Punk, Air, Radiohead, Kylie Minogue, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Bjork and U2. There are many more.
Since joining DIVISION, Charlotte has continued to innovate and evolve both herself and the industry, with the films she produces. Both fresh young directors and acclaimed household names have carefully but trustingly placed their visions in Charlotte’s hands. Just ask Michel Gondry, François Rousselet, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Alex and Martin, Quentin Dupieux, Jon Watts and Valentin Petit.
In turn, she has been internationally recognized through awards and prizes. She shows no signs of slowing down. 
Melanie Bridge
CEO / Founding Partner
The Sweetshop
Metz ti Bryan
Production Partner
The Or
Nikki Chapman
Director of Production
FCB London
Dan Duffy
Executive Producer
Hungry Man
Culver City
Oliver Fuselier
Managing Director / Executive Producer
Great Guns USA
Los Angeles
Carsten Keller
Executive Creative Director
The Mill
Ralph Laucella
Founding Partner / Executive Producer
O Positive
Santa Monica
Felipe Machado
Creative Director
São Paulo
Vera Maria Portz
Partner / MD / Executive Producer
Tempomedia Filmproduction
Michael Ritchie
Managing Director / Co-Owner
John Spary
Owner / Managing Director
John Spary Associates