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25 April 2024
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(New York 25 April 2024) London International Awards (LIA) is pleased to announce Oskar Lübeck, Chief Creative Officer of Bold, Stockholm as the 2024 Design and Package Design Jury President.

In accepting the position, Oskar said: “I am truly honored to return to the LIA Awards, this time assuming the role of Jury President for the Design and Package Design categories. What I think makes jury work so rewarding is not only to evaluate and discuss the best creative work in the world, but to meet and learn from some of our industry's most brilliant minds. The field of Branding and Design is evolving, with emerging technologies and new ways for brands to interact with their audiences. It is exciting times, and I believe that our industry now more than ever has the possibility to make meaningful impact on people's lives. Thanks again LIA for this opportunity - I look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas!”

LIA has been awarding excellence in Package Design since 1993. The first Grand LIA awarded for Package Design was for Shiseido Feminite du Bois (Femininity of the Wood). It was a woody scent for the female profile. To some, the asymmetrical bottles in varying shades of maroon, with its graceful rise and fall were reminiscent of the work of Belgian Surrealist painter Paul Delvaux, who would portray women in the woods, sometimes as part of a tree - dark, unknowable and mysterious.

At LIA, this tradition of awarding excellence that moves industry standards higher has continued. Last year, LIA awarded Grand LIAs for both Design and Package Design – Japan Rail 150th Anniversary Campaign and “Life Extending Stickers” for Makro, respectively.  Both pieces were outstanding in their creative approach; both equally smart and strong in using design and package design to solve a problem and make lives better for their consumers.

The importance of Design and Package Design cannot be overstated. It tells so much about the product – its brand identity, value proposition and personality. It affects the brand story and plays a pivotal role in that storytelling. People do judge a book by its cover.

When Steve Jobs returned as CEO of Apple in 1997, he declared that Apple would only “sell four machines.” Jobs was emphatic in stressing that “the design was integral to what would make Apple great.” It was design that would dictate engineering. Apple became a company driven by design.  Not just engineering.

Barbara Levy, President of LIA, added: “Design and Package Design is something close to my heart. I agree with Paul Rand when he emphatically said, ‘Everything is design. Everything!’ Design is ubiquitous, from what we eat to what we wear and even to the chairs we sit on. It plays such a significant role in our lives. But design is not easy. It’s not just about aesthetics. Good design gives us the most positive experience. All the elements come together seamlessly and to the untrained eye, it seems effortless. But, a lot of thought, creativity and hard work have gone into every piece of design and package design. I have the greatest admiration for designers. And I am proud to have the best practitioners on our Design and Package Design Jury, headed by Oskar Lübeck.”

LIA 2024 Design and Package Design Jury:

Oskar Lübeck, Chief Creative Officer at Bold, Stockholm – Jury President

Ryan Crouchman, Partner / VP / ECD Design at LG2, Toronto

Thabang Lehobye, Head of Design at FCB Africa, Johannesburg

Sarah Moffat, Global Chief Creative Officer at Turner Duckworth

Keka Morelle, Chief Creative Officer LATAM at Ogilvy LATAM, São Paulo

Thomas Mueller, Chief Design Officer at Accenture Song, Munich

Sue Murphy, Senior Director of Global Design, The Coca-Cola Company

Meryke Naude, Creative Director - MullenLowe Beauty at MullenLowe Singapore, Singapore

Benji Wiedemann, Executive Creative Director / Co-founder at Wiedemann Lampe, London

Yun Yu, Designer at Apple Inc., Cupertino

Judging in Las Vegas commences on 29th September and will be completed on 7th October 2024. All rounds of judging are done on-site at the Encore @ Wynn Hotel. Every judge is required to see every piece of work in their respective categories. These panels decide on the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statue Winners, as well as the Finalists. Each panel, at their discretion, also decides on whether a Grand LIA will be awarded.

As there is no off-site pre-judging, all judges are fully involved from the beginning to the end, so everyone is privy to the final results before they are published.

LIA is just one of five global shows that is included in the WARC Creativity 100 rankings.

For more information on the juries, categories and/or requirements, visit our website at: www.liaawards.com.

Juror Photos

  Oskar Lübeck                                   Ryan Crouchman                            Thabang Lehobye                            Sarah Moffat


  Keka Morelle                                    Thomas Mueller                                Sue Murphy                                     Meryke Naude

  Benji Wiedemann                            Yun Yu

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Notes to the Editor:

London International Awards (LIA) is a Creative Awards Festival, established in 1986, by Barbara Levy, President. Barbara was the first woman to found and operate an International Awards Show honoring multiple media types. 39 years later, LIA continues to hold the unique distinction of being the only international award owned by a woman and having a full-time staff of only women.

LIA stands as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves, and of course, great creative ideas and executions. We are proud to award the best creative work each year in all forms of media: Advertising, Design, Package Design, Data, Technology, Craft, Health, Pharma, Music, PR, Innovation, Strategy, B2B and much more.

That’s why every year, LIA invites industry leaders and trendsetters on both the creative and client side, assembling the most celebrated people for 10 days of judging in Las Vegas. To cut through the thousands of entries to get to the metal, you need the best jurors from diverse communities – not just meeting DEI standards but having true representation from across the regions, companies, networks, holding companies, independent companies to clients.

All members on our diverse global jury panels, including the Jury Presidents, judge all entries in their respective competitions with the exception to work that they personally collaborated on or was entered from their company. The LIA judging process requires that jurors are onsite for all judging from the first round through statue discussions. There is no pre-judging to narrow the entries.

Creative LIAisons Funded by LIA

LIA created the exclusive and sought after Creative LIAisons educational initiative in 2012, as a way of giving back to the industry that supports us. Our mission is to develop, educate, inspire and nurture emerging talent. That in a nutshell is the driving purpose behind the Creative LIAisons initiative. What began as a vision in 2012, became a zeal which crystallized into the Creative LIAisons Global Coaching Academy. This game-changing training academy is a powerful springboard for the current and next generation of talent. Consisting of both onsite and virtual programs, approximately 300 Creative LIAisons Mentees participate annually.