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05 June 2024
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LIA Announces Piyush Pandey as the Recipient of the
2024 Created for Creatives Legend Award

(5 June 2024) Piyush Pandey, former Global Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy will be accepting the Created for Creatives LIA Legend Award onsite, in Las Vegas on 1st October 2024. Also in attendance will be the LIA Jurors, onsite Creative LIAisons attendees and speakers and global press.

London International Awards (LIA), is pleased to honor Piyush Pandey with its 2024 LIA Legend Award. As the man who put Indian advertising on the world map, Piyush is the second creative giant to be bestowed this prestigious award by LIA. He was appointed the Executive Chairman of Ogilvy India in 2004. He also went onto serve as Global Chief Creative Officer for two and a half years. In January 2024, he stepped into an advisory role.
Piyush Pandey. The man, the giant, the force, the phenomenon. Indian advertising’s greatest master and its most humble student. Creativity’s fiercest warrior with the softest heart. He is the man whose ideas have shaped the way an entire generation of Indians have led their lives, built, painted and furnished their homes, enjoyed their chocolates, bought their vehicles, connected with their loved ones, chosen their vacations, voted for their governments, bought their watches, saved their money, done their laundry, sipped their tea, fought illnesses, pandemics and taken pride in their nation.
The LIA Legend Award is given to a leader of the industry, past or present, who through their talent, vision and generosity has demonstrated outstanding creativity. They are those who are relentless and unwavering in their commitment to build up the industry through their indefatigable mentoring, teaching and developing of others.
Creative brilliance and creative leadership are, of course, very important factors. More than that, LIA recognizes people who have selflessly and with great generosity, given their time and their personal attention to further the industry. They are champions of talent at all levels and the defenders of creativity.
Barbara Levy, President of LIA, elaborated, “We look for someone who has reshaped the industry for the better. More than that, it must be someone who not only has a wealth of knowledge and experience, but generously shares it with emerging talent. Piyush has shaped Indian advertising, as well as, gifted his knowledge to the global advertising world. Like all advertising legends, it is his work that tells the best story. Piyush epitomizes all the qualities David Ogilvy said great leaders should possess – bravery, idealism, curiosity, playfulness, candour, intuition, free-spiritedness and persistence.”
Terry Savage, LIA Chairman, further stated, “In giving this award to Piyush, we recognize someone who has openly given back to others in an extraordinary way. Over and above that, Piyush has been a role model, inspiration and creative champion to so many people, people who follow his achievements and because of this have gone on their own creative journey.”

In accepting the honor, Piyush Pandey in his characteristic unassuming manner said: “I am truly delighted and humbled to be the recipient of this award. I believe that my success is based on a lot of team members. Like cricket, even the best player cannot win alone. I have succeeded to whatever extent because of an amazing team; each a rock-star and they make me look good. It has been my great joy and pleasure to be part of LIA and their Creative LIAisons Program, as I believe the learnings of a lifetime should be shared with the next generation. Advertising is a team effort. I am delighted that LIA has considered me and decided to confer the Legend award to me. Wishing my parents were alive to read this news. Thank you, LIA.”
As David Ogilvy, a legend himself and the father of advertising, once said: “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals.”
LIA is proud to welcome Piyush Pandey - a man who not only hit it out of the ballpark, but has changed the rules - to the line- up of LIA creative legends already awarded and those
to come.


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Notes to the Editor:
London International Awards (LIA) is a Creative Awards Festival, established in 1986, by Barbara Levy, President. Barbara was the first woman to found and operate an International Awards Show honoring multiple media types. 39 years later, LIA continues to hold the unique distinction of being the only international award owned by a woman and having a full-time staff of only women.
LIA stands as a champion of the creative process, creatives themselves, and of course, great creative ideas and executions. We are proud to award the best creative work each year in all forms of media: Advertising, Design, Package Design, Data, Technology, Craft, Health, Pharma, Music, PR, Innovation, Strategy, B2B and much more.
That’s why every year, LIA invites industry leaders and trendsetters on both the creative and client side, assembling the most celebrated people for 10 days of judging in Las Vegas. To cut through the thousands of entries to get to the metal, you need the best jurors from diverse communities – not just meeting DEI standards but having true representation from across the regions, companies, networks, holding companies, independent companies to clients.
All members on our diverse global jury panels, including the Jury Presidents, judge all entries in their respective competitions with the exception to work that they personally collaborated on or was entered from their company. The LIA judging process requires that jurors are onsite for all judging from the first round through statue discussions. There is no pre-judging to narrow the entries.
Creative LIAisons Funded by LIA
LIA created the exclusive and sought after Creative LIAisons educational initiative in 2012, as a way of giving back to the industry that supports us. Our mission is to develop, educate, inspire and nurture emerging talent. That in a nutshell is the driving purpose behind the Creative LIAisons initiative. What began as a vision in 2012, became a zeal which crystallized into the Creative LIAisons Global Coaching Academy. This game-changing training academy is a powerful springboard for the current and next generation of talent. Consisting of both onsite and virtual programs, approximately 300 Creative LIAisons Mentees participate annually.