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11 June 2024
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(11 June 2024) Thirty-three mentees from eight LATAM countries will be part of a cohort of 200 mentees participating in London International Awards - Creative LIAisons Virtual Coaching program. Their journey began in May and will continue through November. 

This program offers young industry professionals an extremely rare opportunity to have real time, one-to-one e-coaching with three different well-known, well-awarded and well-established industry leaders from around the world.

Coaches will share their expertise and experiences of their many years in the industry. These private and bespoke e-mentoring sessions are customized to the mentee, covering all disciplines with emphasis on skill development, elevating ideas and boosting creative confidence to fast-track careers. 

It is no secret that behind every successful person, there is a mentor who has helped them along the way. Some of the most famous people had mentors. Mother Teresa had Father Michael van der Peet; Jackson Pollock had painter and muralist, Thomas Hart Benton; J.J. Abrams credits Steven Spielberg as his mentor; and this list goes on and on.

Creativity is fluid, so there are no set rules or a prescribed formula for the sessions. Each session is customized between mentor and mentee. They are at full liberty to design how they want to conduct each session. The end game? To hone the skills of young creatives, so they can reach their full potential and rise to greater heights.

Laurissa Levy, Creative LIAisons Director/Events Director, said, “If you go on the internet and search how to find a mentor, you’ll find that the most frequent advice tells you to set your goals, explore who is in your network, reach out, meet up and nurture that relationship. But, we all know how hard it can be to achieve all of that if you are a young creative. It’s a big ask to get a busy, respected senior creative to be a mentor. That’s why, Creative LIAisons has established its virtual coaching program. We match mentees with mentors from all around the globe. Our aim is to extend this opportunity to as many as possible, even in less represented markets. This virtual coaching program began in 2021 and has become an integral part of the Creative LIAisons program, an educational initiative to give back to the industry that supports us.”

Creative LIAisons Virtual Mentees from LATAM:
Camila Godoy, Junior Art Director, VML, Buenos Aires
Lucía Kwiatkowski, Junior Copywriter, VML, Buenos Aires

BOLIVIA - this is the first time that we have a participant from Bolivia
Gerson Irazabal, Senior Creative Copywriter, Ogilvy, La Paz

Hewerton Barrichello, Senior UX/UI Designer, McCann Health, São Paulo
Gabriella Batista, Copywriter, Grey Brasil, São Paulo 
Gabriel Braga Souza, Art Director, Jotacom, São Paulo
Danielle Keiko, Art Director, Grey Brasil, São Paulo   
Alexandre Saraiva, Copywriter, Grupo Globo, Rio de Janeiro
Fabricio Soares Santos, Creative Copywriter, Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo
Matheus Valery, Senior Art Director, Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo

Francisca Duhamel Berríos, Copywriter, Cheil Chile, Santiago
Mariana Henriquez Olivares, Art Director, MRM, Santiago
Martin Salinas, Art Director, McCann, Santiago    

María Constanza Santacruz Gaitán, Associate Creative Director, DDB Colombia, Bogotá
David Oyuela, Creative Copywriter, VML Colombia, Bogotá
Santiago Rendón, Copywriter, Digitas, Medellín
Alejandra Rozo, Art Director, DAVID, Bogotá    
Johann Salinas, Copywriter, Digitas Colombia, Bogotá

Paula Marín, Copywriter, BBDO Ecuador, Guayaquil

Luis Alburqueque, Associate Creative Director, Media.Monks, Mexico City
Pedro Pablo Bergelund Echeandía, Senior Creative Copywriter, Le Pub Mexico, Mexico City
Diana Calderon, Copywriter, Freelance, Mexico City
José Gayou Molina, Associate Creative Director, McCann Mexico, Mexico City
Fabiola Herrera, Social Media Strategist, Dentsu Creative Mexico, Mexico City
Brigitte Lopez, Creative Project Leader, The Juju, Mexico City
Sergio Marquez Perez, Art Director, FCB Mexico, Mexico City
Piero Roncall, Associate Creative Director, anónimo, Mexico City
Cherlyn Silva, Senior Copywriter, Havas HOY, Mexico City

Darlene Aguirre Espino, Junior Creative Copywriter, TBWA Perú, Lima
Dalia Avila, Art Director, Havas Perú, Lima
Alexis Callan, Creative Director, The Juju Agency, Lima
Alonso Castillo, Creative Director, Fahrenheit DDB, Lima
Kevin Cruz, Creative Copywriter, McCann, Lima


How are mentees matched with their respective mentors?

The focus is on the mentees – to give them greater length, breadth, height and depth with these sessions. So careful consideration is given to the mentees’ requests.

While mentees were able to submit their wish list from the list of 200 mentors, there were a few additional criteria we abide by to find mentees the right fit. The rule of thumb is: no mentee will be mentored/coached by someone in their own company, either locally or globally.

Selection process:
To be eligible for the program, mentees have to be currently working in the industry or a related business and be between the ages of 21 and 30 years old.
LIA does not directly select mentees. We leave it up to Companies and Agency Networks that support LIA to put forward candidates. Additionally, LIA collaborates with different Ad Clubs, Associations, and Trade Press by allocating spaces to winners of creative competitions organized by them. 
To cast the net even wider, the Creative LIAisons Virtual Coaching Program does accept a certain quota of self-nominations. 

Laurissa Levy added some advice for the mentees, “As the e-coaching sessions are underway, I urge all mentees to make full use of this rare privilege to be part of this program. Your mentors will most definitely challenge you, push you out of your comfort zone, be your confidant, cheer you on to do greater work, help you develop skills or even teach you new ones. But more importantly, they will coach you to aim higher and achieve those aims. It’s the start of your journey with not one, but three top creative minds. Enjoy the ride.”

Full list of Virtual and Onsite Mentees

Mentee Photographs:

   Camila Godoy                                      Lucía Kwiatkowski                             Gerson Irazabal                                   Hewerton Barrichello

   Gabriella Batista                                Gabriel Braga Souza                           Danielle Keiko                                     Alexandre Saraiva

   Fabricio Soares Santos                     Matheus Valery                                    Francisca Duhamel Berríos              Mariana Henriquez Olivares

   Martin Salinas                                    David Oyuela                                       Santiago Rendón                                  Alejandra Rozo

   Johann Salinas                                   María Constanza                                  Paula Marín                                         Luis Alburqueque
                                                                  Santacruz Gaitán        

   Pedro Pablo                                         Diana Calderon                                    José Gayou Molina                           Fabiola Herrera
   Bergelund Echeandía           

   Brigitte Lopez                                     Sergio Marquez Perez                        Piero Roncall                                       Cherlyn Silva

   Darlene Aguirre Espino                    Dalia Avila                                            Alexis Callan                                        Alonso Castillo

    Kevin Cruz