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Tim Pashen's Creative LIAisons Diary: Day 1 - 2


14 October 2016

Tim Pashen, senior copywriter, The Monkeys, Sydney is representing Australia at the 5th annual Creative LIAisons at LIA in Las Vegas. Here Tim reports on day one and day two of the program.

Creative LIAisons Diary, Day 1 & 2 - The Power Of Unexpected

I'd been to Vegas before, so I knew what to expect. Bright neon lights, ticket-smackers on every corner promoting strip clubs, entourages of badly dressed people walking down the strip drinking yard glasses, and hearing the term "what happens in Vegas" used way too many times.

And coming to an advertising conference, predominantly consisting of Creative Directors speaking, I also knew what to expect. A bunch of case studies, and plenty of words like 'engagement, game changing, and disruption'. Or so I thought...

IMG_5256 (1).jpgBut after 2 days and 12 talks from the likes of Ted Royer, Taras Wayner, Malcolm Poynton, and advertising legend Bob Isherwood, I've been reminded of the power of the unexpected.  

I didn't expect Bob Isherwood to play a didgeridoo on stage to make the point that you can put an idea into anything, even a dried out stick lying in the Australian outback.
I didn't expect Chris Smith (a Creative Director and Improv Comedian) to connect improv comedy to the creative process with a simple philosophy of saying, "Yes and..." instead of "No but..." (which resulted in three creatives from around the world who've never met, singing a song on stage one word at a time).
IMG_5261 (1).jpg
I didn't expect Ted Royer to be so honest, telling us "It's not advertising unless you get kicked in the balls 7 times a day", that "It's ok to lose your passion and take 6 months off", and that he doesn't have any gold bullet for coming up with ideas, except to "Make sure your truths are actually true".

And I didn't expect Malcolm Poynton to take us back 225 years to Iron Bridge and the first piece of primitive advertising, challenging the notion that our industry is in crisis right now, instead telling us that the responsibility to shape the future of our industry is up to us. 

Besides being fascinatingIMG_5290 (1).jpg, entertaining, and mind-expanding, what all of these talks reminded me, is that when you're expecting one thing and you get another, that's what connects with people. It makes our systems spasm. It's in all great jokes. And it can be applied to any medium you're working on. It doesn't matter if it's VR or a flyer - it just has to connect with people in an unexpected way.

Oh yeah, there was a big party last night where people from all around got drunk, traded life stories, and woke up with terrible hangovers. I guess that was kinda expected...



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