Rob Galluzzo, Founder/Executive Producer of FINCH on animal welfare and conservation.

02 October 2018

FINCH, a production company in Sydney, has conceived a simple yet effective idea where advertisers can help raise the much-needed funds to help animals and conservation everywhere. But this is not a solo effort. FINCH together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and founding partner Mars have already launched the initiative where companies participating in this program will make a 0.5 percent of their media spend to Lion's Share each time an animal appears in advertising. With the money raised the UN and Civil Society Organizations can implement efforts to achieve the goals set out by Lion's share.


"I am passionate about habitat conservation, and animal welfare. That's why I applaud LIA for the Gorilla Doctors' competition. It is good to see them investing in this competition that will generate the best ideas to benefit animal welfare and the environment in countries like Rwanda. It will be very interesting to see all the great ideas that will surface at the judging of this contest at the end of this week," said Rob Galluzzo.


Gorilla Doctors' Competition will take place on Saturday, October 6th.  Aside from the panel of judges, comprising top people in the industry from advertising to production, the participants of this year's Creative LIAisons will have the privilege of being involved in the judging process.  This winning work will be implemented by Gorilla Doctors and the winning team will earn a trip to see the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.


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