2019 Press Releases

The ‘Kilig’ and Fangirl Moments of BBDO Guerrero’s Michelle Edu at this Year’s Creative LIAisons

20 November 2019
If I could sum up my week at LIA in one feeling, it’s kilig.
Despite being jet-lagged for half of the trip, it was exciting to learn up close from the speakers. I got a boost of inspiration from meeting creatives from all over the world.
I admit, I fangirled when Design Army’s CCO Pum Lefebure took the stage. I love her take on the Hong Kong Ballet print campaign for its symmetry and finesse, so when it was her turn to speak, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. As expected, her keynote presentation was a visual treat—to the point that I took a photo of each of her slides!  
I also appreciated BBDO NY Creative Director Matt Macdonald’s talk on the art of presentation. It’s something creatives usually overlook because we assume the work is good enough to sell itself. He noted that we should show instead of tell, and take advantage of unconventional ways to present (like adding GIFs to storyboards or mocking up prototypes) to help clients believe in what we’re selling. We were all reminded that we are in the business of persuasion—that we must make our clients feel something when we present because that is what’s unforgettable. I liked that it was advice we could use every day, and not just when selling initiatives.
Empathy was touched on multiple times by many speakers. Journalist Lara Logan and Eardrum founder Ralph Van Dijk emphasized the importance of being able to relate to all kinds of people, from service crew members to taxi drivers. As Lara put it, the real world isn’t just about the people in glass buildings eating avocado toast. It’s the people we don’t often see who matter.

Of course, the week’s highlight was sitting in during judging. After all, it was an experience exclusive to the Creative LIAisons program. It was interesting to hear all kinds of arguments, from the nitpicking on craft, being able to tell if the entry was legit, to very personal commentary like, “It just wasn’t hitting it right for me” on work that you’d never imagine being critiqued so harshly. Still, it was a healthy debate based on the criteria of freshness and simplicity. It took an entire day, but I left with an understanding of how the work is being evaluated nowadays and how one could score metals on an international stage.

Overall, it was a great experience. I didn’t get to party as much as one would expect in Las Vegas, but this was hardly the point of the trip! Creative LIAisons was an eye-opener and a kick in the butt to improve in what I do. Seeing everyone’s love for creating is something I will always remember. The week made me giddier about the work we do in this industry. And I will forever be grateful for the opportunity.