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Stephan Moritz: What Creativity Means To Me ...

21 April 2021



Executive Producer
MOKOH Music Berlin
Creativity is that big idea that appears within a second, and just can’t get any better.
Creativity is that small idea that grows over months and just keeps getting better and better.
Creativity is trial, error, trial, error, trial, an infinite game.
Creativity is stubborn. Creativity is fragile.
Creativity is a playground full of possibilities.
Creativity is unfaithful. It’s suddenly there and it’s suddenly gone.
Creativity doesn’t know what time it is. Creativity just knows here and now.
Creativity doesn’t want to go to bed at night.
Creativity is dreaming a solution but forgetting it once again.
Creativity is the luck of still remembering it in the morning.
Creativity is obsessed with details.
Creativity is teamwork, using the best tools for collaboration.
Creativity is a one-man-show. Your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas.
Creativity is focus and distraction. It’s weird and crazy. It’s bold and gutsy.
Creativity is empathy, is humanity. It is limitless.
Creativity hates monotony.
Creativity is every day new, surprising, and wonderful.
Creativity is complex and simple. It’s pain and pure joy. It’s black and white. It’s calm and noisy. It’s order and anarchy.
It drives progress and makes the world a better place.
That’s why for me, creativity is the most beautiful thing in the world.