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Anything But Advertising... with Oliver Fuselier

01 June 2021


Today's guests: Tasha Cronin, Kate Morrison and Diane Jackson

Great Guns USA and LBB are back for the fifth installment of 5N30, continuing a virtual tour of the US to strike up the conversations we’ve missed in person for so long.
Focusing on anything but advertising, the series looks to celebrate not only the creative spirit that keeps our industry moving forward, but also the personalities that will shape its future.
Mic-Drop Moments from Three Leading US Agency Producers
This week, Oliver Fuselier and LBB’s North American editor Addison Capper connect with Tasha Cronin, director of interactive production at Droga5, Kate Morrison, director of production at 72andSunny, and Diane Jackson, chief production officer at DDB Chicago to pose five big questions in 30 minutes.
Spanning New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, this week’s panel discusses the most inspiring (and most annoying) words from the last year, creating game-changing trends, competitive lockdown hobbies, mic-drop moments, and choosing between intelligence and wisdom. As a bonus, we also find out what Tasha, Kate, and Diane would tell their 10-year-old selves if they had a chance…