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Ralph van Dijk: Virtual Speaker at Creative LIAisons 2021

15 September 2021
Creative LIAisons is kicking off our second virtual speaker session for the mentees with Ralph van Dijk, Founder / Executive Creative Director of Eardrum on Monday 20th September. Ralph will delve into the realm of radio. His topic, "Make my Logo Louder", promises to be a session that will make creatives sit up and listen with interest.

"Radio is definitely alive. We have seen studies showing an uptrend in radio listenership. Radio emerged as an essential medium to stay informed during the pandemic. While some may think that there is just technical simplicity and speed in turning around radio adverts, we are always surprised and inspired by what Ralph shares. He is the consummate creative when it comes to radio, making good ideas brilliant with strong writing, casting and sound. And he is keen to share this knowledge with younger creatives," added Barbara Levy.