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2021 Production & Post-Production and Music Video Shortlists Revealed

08 November 2021

London International Awards
2021 Production & Post-Production and Music Video Shortlists Revealed

London International Awards (LIA) has announced the shortlists for Production & Post-Production and Music Video.

There are a total of 159 shortlisted entries representing 22 countries in Production & Post-Production and Music Video.
Music Video has 26 entries shortlisted. The United Kingdom leads with seven entries shortlisted, followed by Russia with five and France with four shortlsted entries.
In Production & Post-Production there are 133 entries shortlisted. The United States dominates with 33 entries shortlisted, followed by France with 21 and Germany with 16.
Metz Bryan-Fasano, Production Leader / Co-Founder of Other London presided over this jury. Joining Metz in the virtual judging room were Jessica Apellaniz De Los Rios, Ogilvy Latam, Mexico City; István Bracsok, White Rabbit, Budapest; Jordana Freydberg, London Alley, Los Angeles; Oliver Fuselier, Great Guns USA, Los Angeles; Alberto Lopes, Vetor Zero, São Paulo; Vera Portz, Tempomedia Filmproduktion, Hamburg; Colin Renshaw, Alt.VFX, Sydney; Michael Ritchie, Revolver, Sydney; Hillary Rogers, Pulse Films, Los Angeles and Brittney Walker, Framestore, Culver City.
Winners for all media will be announced on 17th November.
MUSIC VIDEO SHORTLIST 2021 (by country):
BRING, Sydney

•    BENEE “KOOL” in Production Design

MATCH, Shanghai

•    Yawei Yuan\Tia Ray “Be The Legend” in Visual Effects

MYND / Wanda Productions, Saint Denis La Plaine

•    Camelphat “Hypercolour” in Cinematography
•    MK “Chemical” in Cinematography
•    MK “Chemical” in Direction
•    MK “Chemical” in Visual Effects

David Gesslbauer, Berlin

•    Sansara “We Will Become Better” in Editing

Dentsu Craft Tokyo, Tokyo

•    Yakushima Treasure “Mogari-Bune/Higashi” in Visual Effects

Assembly, Auckland

•    George Harrison “Isn't It a Pity” in Animation

Daddy's Film, Moscow

•    Sansara “We Will Become Better” in Best Music Video
•    Sansara “We Will Become Better” in Choreography
•    Sansara “We Will Become Better” in Cinematography
•    Sansara “We Will Become Better” in Direction
•    Sansara “We Will Become Better” in Production Design

Grass Jelly Studio, Taipei

•    Hebe Tien “One, After Another” in Best Music Video
•    Hebe Tien “One, After Another” in Direction
•    Hebe Tien “One, After Another” in Visual Effects

Great Guns, London

•    Empathy Test “Monster” in Editing

Object & Animal, London
•    Jorja Smith ft Popcaan “Come Over” in Animation
•    FKA twigs, Headie One, Fred again “Don't Judge Me” in Best Music Video
•    Kelly Lee Owens ft. John Cale “Corner Of My Sky” in Best Music Video
•    FKA twigs / Headie One “Don't Judge Me” in Direction
•    Kelly Lee Owens ft JJ Cale “Corner Of My Sky” in Direction
Partizan, London
•    Dua Lipa ft. DaBaby “Levitating” in Production Design

Doomsday Entertainment, Los Angeles

•    FKA twigs “Sad Day” in Direction
Titmouse, Los Angeles
•    Run the Jewels “Yankee and the Brave (ep. 4)” in Animation


•    Meat and Livestock Association “Make Lamb Not Walls” in Remote Production
Alt.VFX, Brisbane
•    Adobe Premiere Pro “Fantastic Voyage” in Visual Effects
•    Darrell Lea “Palm Oil Free” in Visual Effects
•    Toyota “Heroes” in Visual Effects
ARC Edit, Sydney
•    NZTA “Totally Compos Mentis” in Editing
Eight, Sydney
•    Bumble “Girls Will Be Girls” in New Director
Fin Design + Effects, Sydney
•    Hyundai “Hyundai, Tomorrow’s Car” in Visual Effects
FINCH, Paddington
•    NRMA “Sleeper” in Cinematography
Revolver, Sydney
•    Amazon “Before Alexa” in Direction
•    Brawl Stars “Starr Park” in Direction
•    Plenty “X-Mess” in Direction
•    Plenty “X-Mess” in Performance/Casting
•    Brawl Stars “Starr Park” in Production Design
The Editors, Sydney
•    NZTA “Doors” in Editing

mortierbrigade, Brussels

•    Equal Pay Day “Eternal Pregnancy” in Direction

Santería, São Paulo

•    SporTV “Let Her Run” in Cinematography
•    SporTV “Let Her Run” in Direction
•    SporTV “Let Her Run” in Editing
•    SporTV “Let Her Run” in Production Design
Vetor Zero / Lobo, São Paulo
•    Chobani “Impact” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation

Outsider Editorial, Toronto

•    Public Safety Canada “Uncontained” in Editing
Skin and Bones Film, Toronto
•    YMCA “A World Without Y” in New Director
•    YMCA “A World Without Y” in Production Design

Dans Digital, Shenzhen

•    Qianhai “The Future of Qianhai” in Visual Effects
Final Frontier, Shanghai
•    LUX “Born This Way” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation
MATCH, Shanghai
•    Lenovo “All Powerful” in Cinematography
•    FIND X3 Pro “Awaken Colour” in Visual Effects
Tencent, Shenzhen
•    United Nations-2030 SDGs “The Penguin and The Whale” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation

Honeytrap Film, Copenhagen

•    Unridden “Go Where You Feel Most Alive” in Cinematography
•    Unridden “Go Where You Feel Most Alive” in Editing

Omar Hilal Creative, Cairo

•    Tajawal Travel “Caged” in CGI Animation

BETC Paris, Paris

•    Lacoste “Crocodile Inside” in Cinematography
•    Lacoste “Crocodile Inside” in Direction
•    Lacoste “Crocodile Inside” in Production Design
•    Lacoste “Crocodile Inside” in Visual Effects
Henry, Paris
•    Renault “1959” in Cinematography
•    Renault “1959” in Production Design
•    Canal + “The Big Set” in Performance/Casting
•    Canal + “The Big Set” in Production Design
Jungler, Saint Denis La Plaine
•    Face A l'Inceste “Two Monsters In My Story” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation
•    Forbidden Stories “The Chase” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation
Mikros MPC, Paris
•    France Télévision “SUMO - Olympics 2021” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation
•    Vittel - Biodiversité “Squirrel", "Ladybird", "Bee” in CGI Animation Campaign
Publicis Conseil, Paris
•    Face a L'inceste “Two Monsters In My Story” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation
•    LICRA “Faces of Fear” in Visual Effects
Quad Stories / QUAD GROUP, Paris
•    Keep Going Kid “Roger” in New Director
Wanda Productions, Saint Denis La Plaine
•    Winamax “Anything For Your Mama” in Direction
•    Winamax “Anything For Your Mama” in Editing
•    Winamax “Anything For Your Mama” in Production Design
•    Winamax “Anything For Your Mama” in Visual Effects
Wizz / Quad Group, Paris
•    Hayward Magic “Hurdler” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation
•    Expedia “Let's Take a Trip", "Trips Together UK", "Trips Together US/Canada” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation Campaign

ANORAK Film, Berlin

•    WhatsApp “Family Diary” in Direction
•    WhatsApp “Family Diary” in Editing
•    Zalando “Here to Stay” in Editing
•    WhatsApp “Family Diary” in Performance/Casting
•    Zalando “Here to Stay” in Performance/Casting
•    Nike “New Girl - Play New” in Direction
•    Unicef “Violence” in Direction
•    Nike “New Girl - Play New” in Editing
•    Unicef “Violence” in Editing
•    Mercedes-Benz “Valet Guys” in Performance/Casting
•    Unicef “Violence” in Performance/Casting
Fork Unstable Media, Hamburg
•    RonaFlair® Functional Fillers “Microplastic Journey” in Cinematography
•    RonaFlair® Funtional Fillers “Microplastic Journey” in Editing
Publicis Emil Germany, Berlin
•    Mercedes-Benz AG “Mercedes-Benz and the Wind” in Cinematography
tempomedia, Hamburg
•    BMW “The Small Escape” in Direction
•    Edeka “Neighbor” in Performance/Casting

Chrome Pictures, Mumbai

•    Dove “Dove #StopTheBeautyTest” in Direction
•    Facebook “Pooja Didi” in Direction
dentsuMB, Gurgaon
•    My Choices Foundatilon “Chotu Ka Childhood” in Performance/Casting

Publicis Italy, Milan

•    Diesel “Francesca” in Cinematography
•    Diesel “Francesca” in Direction
•    Heineken “We'll Meet Again” in Direction
•    Diesel “Francesca” in Performance/Casting

Dentsu Inc., Tokyo

•    Ryokuoushoku Shakai “Mela!” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation
•    Mori Building “Designing Tokyo” in Direction
•    Mori Building “Designing Tokyo” in Visual Effects

Ogilvy Mexico, Mexico City

•    Cerveza Victoria “Icnocuícatl” in Cinematography
•    Cerveza Victoria “Nuestra Tierra” in Direction
•    Cerveza Victoria - Icnocuícatl “Grandfather", "Grandmother", "Nahuatl” in Direction Campaign
•    Cerveza Victoria “Icnocuícatl” in Remote Production

RT Creative Lab, Moscow

•    RT “Lessons of Auschwitz: VR Tribute By School Students” in Virtual Reality

Forsman&Bodenfors, Singapore

•    Gojek “The Flow” in Production Design
Method and Madness, Singapore
•    Greenpeace UK “Wasteminster - A Downing Street Disaster” in CGI Animation

FABLEfx, Stockholm

•    PETA “Freedom” in CGI Animation
Goodbye Kansas Studios, Stockholm
•    Assassin's Creed Valhalla “Cinematic Commercial” in CGI Animation

CRK, Basel

•    CURAVIVA “The Eventful Life of Rosemarie” in CGI Animation
•    Renewable Energy “Four Friends” in CGI Animation
Wirz BBDO, Zurich
•    Switzerland Tourism “No Drama” in Direction
•    Switzerland Tourism “No Drama” in Performance/Casting

Leo Burnett Taiwan, Taipei

•    McCafe “EP1 Prelude", "EP2 The First Cup", "EP3 The Second Cup", "EP4 The Third Cup” in Direction Campaign

Barney Cokeliss, London

•    Leica “Like the Night” in Cinematography
Black Kite Studios, London
•    Swarovski “Wonderlab” in Visual Effects
Great Guns, London
•    No More “Listening From Home” in Remote Production
MPC, London
•    XBOX “Us Dreamers” in CGI Animation
•    Burberry “Festive” in Visual Effects
Riff Raff Films, London
•    Burberry “Festive” in Direction
Weber Shandwick, London
•    Breast Cancer Now “A Love/Hate Relationship” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation

Amazon, Seattle

•    Alexa “Alexa's New Body” in Performance/Casting
Arts & Letters Creative Co., Richmond
•    NBA on ESPN “It's NBA on ESPN Time” in Editing
Chelsea Pictures, New York
•    Bodyform/Libresse “#wombstories” in Direction
dentsuMB, New York
•    American Express “Amex Business Card Chronicles - The Bunny” in Direction
Facebook, Menlo Park
•    WhatsApp “Family Diary” in Direction
•    WhatsApp “Family Diary” in Editing
•    WhatsApp “Carnival - It's Between You” in Performance/Casting
•    WhatsApp “Family Diary” in Performance/Casting
•    WhatsApp “Sunbeams” in Remote Production
•    WhatsApp “Family Diary” in Remote Production
FRED & FARID Los Angeles, Los Angeles
•    Roseau Bag “Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille” in Direction
•    Fridays For Future “House On Fire” in Visual Effects
FRED & FARID New York, New York
•    Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal “Team Up For Excellence - The Film” in Production Design
Leo Burnett Detroit, Detroit
•    Cadillac “ScissorHandsFree” in Performance/Casting
Love Song, Los Angeles
•    Facebook “Facebook x Skate Ghana” in Cinematography
•    Lululemon “The Selfish Giant Anthem” in Cinematography
•    Facebook “Facebook x Skate Ghana” in Direction
•    Lululemon “The Selfish Giant Anthem” in Direction
•    Facebook “Facebook x Skate Ghana” in New Director
McCann Health, New York
•    Change The Ref “The Unfinished Votes” in Virtual Reality
Ogilvy, New York
•    Change the Ref “Bring Back Lockdown” in Remote Production
RAKISH, Los Angeles
•    Trombone Shorty Foundation “Rise and Shine” in New Director
Roof Studio, New York
•    Insmed “Unbreakable” in CGI Animation
Saatchi & Saatchi, El Segundo
•    Toyota “Upstream” in Cinematography
•    Toyota “Upstream” in Direction
•    Toyota “Upstream” in Editing
•    Procter & Gamble “The Look” in Cinematography
•    Procter & Gamble “The Look” in Direction
•    Procter & Gamble “The Look” in Editing
•    Procter & Gamble “The Look” in Performance/Casting
The Bloc, New York
•    EmpowHer NY “Skindeep” in 2D and Stop Motion Animation
•    EmpowHer NY “Skindeep” in Direction
VMLY&R, New York
•    Hill's Pet Nutrition “Moto A Love Story", "Poochini A Love Story” in CGI Animation Campaign

WINGS The Agency, Caracas

•    Fundaparkca “Grandfather", "Grandmother” in New Director Body of Work Campaign