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Nicolás Pérez: Reflections From Creative LIAisons

18 November 2021
Story By: Nicolás Pérez, Creative Director / Copywriter, BERLÍN, Santiago
Currently, I’m in a moment of my career where I would like to challenge myself and move to a bigger market like Europe. So, having the chance to talk with two CCO’s such as Felix Fenz (Grabarz & Partners Hamburg) and Frederico Roberto (Interweave London), was more than a great opportunity. It was a huge privilege. 

Even if in both sessions we talked about things that could seem pretty obvious, in the end, all the creative pieces of advice were enlightening and helpful to understand the difficulties for a Latin-American of working in a German or a London environment. 

Felix helped me by suggesting to give a more personal take on how I present my work on my portfolio. For example, providing a personal narrative for every idea to make it more appealing to the eyes of an Executive Creative Director and transmit the Latin-American passion, which is a big differentiator when it comes to comparing the way of thinking of Latinos and Europeans.

On the other hand, Fred explained how specific the English advertising scene could be, labeling creatives under a particular kind of expertise. This helped me revisit my work, understand my strengths, and what I have to do if I want to be an “ideas first” copywriter instead of a TVC-driven copywriter (which seems to be the standard in the UK). 

Both coaching sessions were a game-changing experience in my creative career. If my plan of moving to Europe eventually becomes a reality, Felix and Fred are sure to be a significant part responsible for my success.

Again, many thanks for this incredible opportunity. I have no words to express all my gratitude.