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Marty Martinez's Seminar:

22 November 2021

Creative LIAisons Mentees Were Deeply Moved by Marty Martinez's talk on "The Emotional Narrative of Healthcare."
Marty Martinez, Chief Creative Officer of Tank Worldwide, Montreal, really brought home the point that emotional narratives are powerful in healthcare messaging. Many of the mentees reacted with both their minds and their hearts to a healthcare film that was showcased during the seminar, which bolstered the whole proposition of Marty Martinez's presentation. The virtual talk started with the question: "Can a healthcare ad be as emotional as hot sauce?" Martinez said: "Healthcare space has changed. Awards shows have pushed healthcare boundaries. There is no function without emotion. That is when it really gets started. We need something disruptive that creates a tension within this medical, regulated and conventional world that is ladened with scientific truths. We need an "Emotional Flip - a powerful way to capture your audience and make them believe by surprising them."
Martinez interspersed his talk with answering questions from the mentee audience. His "Let's Chat" style allowed mentees to pick his brain on questions that they have, making the session highly interactive and educational on a more personal level. Among the questions by mentees was how to best collaborate with clients in the creative process.
"Get everyone, from the client, the legal people, the accounts people, strategists, into the same room. And listen. The only way to be relevant is to listen. The more you ask, the more you listen. As creatives, you are in the kitchen. Let the client into the kitchen. Clients usually don't know what they want until they see it," explained Martinez.  
In talking about the importance of emotions in the narrative, Martinez also added: "Narrative is not just in the story. Craft, in terms of music, lighting, casting, adds a new layer to the narrative. Remember, craft is not regulated. So let it shape the emotional narrative."
Barbara Levy, President of LIA, said: " Greater response shifts happen when emotions drive the message. We saw that from the spontaneous reactions to a film that was shared with the audience. The film nuanced real human emotions. Everyone in the virtual room could relate and empathize, proving that healthcare advertising can be as emotional as hot sauce."
The seminar ended with a lively question and answer session.

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