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Kevin Solanoy: Reflections from Creative Coaching

01 December 2021
Story by: Mentee, Kevin Solanoy
"A Lovely Letter to LIA"
Dear LIA,
I have a secret:
I've been hiding in my shell for years
until you picked me up
and flashed me with a spotlight.
It was too bright.
All eyes were on me.
And I'm not used to it.
Nobody knows about me.
I have no shiny metals under my belt.
But you've found me,
together with the 149 young creatives in the world.
(deep breath)
I can't thank you enough.
You've provided me with the best creative program I've ever had.
Because of you, I've learned the handiest ways to dissect critical messages and create stunning ideas through Creative Hacks.
Because of you, I've made new friends — my co-mentees.
Because of you, I got excited to design solution-based campaigns after listening to different talks from other creative geniuses of the industry.
Because of you, I've built my own creative culture when you provided me a seat on the statue discussions beside my idols in advertising.
Because of you, I met four of the extraordinary creative minds in the industry who were my mentors and eventually became my friends:
Menno Kluin taught me the right attitude and mindset to become a kind-hearted innovative leader someday.
Kathy Delaney helped me see the power of emotion and collaboration as keys to creating more purposeful works.
Martin Cedergren shared his journey in the industry that inspired me to push myself to grow into the Creative I know I can become.
Cyril Louis demonstrated to me the step-by-step process of creating award-winning works.
Without you, LIA, and the people behind you,
I would not be able to see my potential to be a creative leader someday.
Thanks for giving me all these opportunities that I'll forever treasure.
Your Next Creative Leader,
Kevin Solanoy